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Heatflow: float wood on underfloor heating systems

More and more underfloor heating systems use the so-called 'floating-system' where the water pipes are placed in thick insulation "blocks". These blocks on their own are load-bearing and don't need screeding over or floor-cover supporting battens in between.
Most wood-engineered boards are suitable to be installed on underfloor heating systems (our own Oak Duoplank range is even guaranteed!) but need something between the water pipes and the backing. Most manufacturers recommend the boards are glued down on the screed layer or sheet material placed over the pipes.
So what to do with the newer underfloor heating systems?

Heatflow Duralay (the Timbermate underlayment makers) now have a special underlayment that solves this problem: the Heatflow Wood Underlay.

This underlay is specially formulated for use with electric or water based underfloor heating, provides a very low thermal resistance level allowing heat to pass through it easily and a high reduction of transmitted noise of 21db. It has lower 'tog' ratings which allow the warmth generated by underfloor heating to pass quickly into the room. They conduct more heat than other underlays, making them the ideal choice for installations with underfloor heating, bringing greater heating efficiency and the potential of reducing heating bills.

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