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FSC ID code for Wood You Like

This week has granted Wood You Like Ltd  an unique ID code: FSC-GBR-1019.

Fscwithnumber This unique ID-code guarantees you that the products we label FSC certified are genuine FSC certified and authorises Wood You Like to use the FSC-trademark. In order to receive this unique code any retailer selling to domestic clients has to prove their purchases really do come directly from a FSC-certified company/manufacturer.

You can be absolutely sure that when we promote one of our products as FSC-certified it definitely is. It ensures you it comes from well-managed forests, sustaining not only the environment but also its local population.

Always look for the FSC logo and unique ID code when retailers promote FSC products: it tells you that they are genuine authorised by to use the Trademark.

And of course, besides FSC certified products we supply PEFC certified products, like most of our Design Parquet blocks and patterns.

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