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Wooden Flooring and Water - a case-study

New Wood Floor Guide published:

Wooden Flooring and Water - a case study

Wood likes water as long as it is a tree - once the tree is cut and turned into durable products, like natural wooden flooring or furniture it is a combination that can cause problems.

Accidents do happen of course. This guide is partly a case study, partly advice and tips from us as wood flooring specialists and from an insurance specialist on what to do to prevent more damage when such an accident should happen in your home.


Wood You Like received the following 'cry for advice' (*1) through the 'ask a question' webform:

"About 10 years ago we purchased a wooden floor for our kitchen and dining room from a company that no longer exists. The floor is oak (French oak?), tongue and groove.
We have had a leak from our water tank onto a section of the flooring. The area affected was about 2m x 2m and although the boards have dried out quite well in the last week, the floor has buckled and has a pronounced ridge where the water has penetrated. There are also some stains on the wood. We are in need of advice as to how to proceed and what kind of restoration work may be needed. Are you able to give us some help? We could email pictures if that would assist."

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