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Wood You Like, the wooden flooring specialist - Guardian Magazine

In March we reported we had received a request from the editor of the Guardian Magazine - Space Solves - to advice one of their readers on how to take care of a poor parquet floor and of course we did this to the best of our ability as we do with every request for advice.

We are happy to report that in the publication of our advice (Guardian Magazine - Saturday 3 May) we are labeled wooden flooring specialists:

Pity our poor parquet

Our 28-year-old parquet flooring is black where it has been trodden on heavily, while other parts are stained and faded. How can I lift the stains? I clean it with a damp, soapy mop.

'I'm afraid the black areas are a result of not treating the floor soon enough when the finish had worn off,' says Karin Hermans of wooden flooring specialist Wood You Like (01233 713725, woodyoulike).

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At your service, as always. And while we're on the subject of maintaining a valuable parquet floor properly - read our "3 Easy Steps to Clean and Maintain Your Parquet Floor" to make sure your own parquet floor doesn't need the 'drastic' steps of resanding - or worse, being covered up with carpet!

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