Wooden Flooring and Water - a case-study
Q and A's on how to lay a wooden floor 1 - methods

Wood Floor Guides: how to, which products and more

Wood You Like quality wood products and services Over the last months we've compiled various Wood Floor Guides on various subjects and the list is growing.
Most guides contain easy steps on how to...., based on our own experiences and there for you. From "How to install your floor like a professional" to Case study on water damage. Many also contain a list of products we highly recommend, because we use them ourselves for the best results.

This page will be updated regular  - more guides in the pipe-line         

Check out our 160 Wooden Floor Installation Manual for Wooden Flooring - prefinished and unfinished floorboards

Wood You Like's Wooden Floor Installation Manual - everything you need to know about DIY wooden floor installation


Who else wants a floorcovering that becomes more beautiful over time? (Fact-sheet)

Request our Wood Flooring Info Pack containing various check-lists (for shopping, materials and preparations and much much more)

All about the Maturing of Wood-Species

7 Easy Steps To Repair/Restore Your Parquet Floor

3 Easy Steps to Clean and Maintain Your Parquet Floor

Which of these two wood floor finishes is best - oil or varnish?

Wooden Flooring and Water - a case-study (including an interview from the insurance services point of view)

Advice if you are buying real wood floors "11 key questions check-list"

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