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Wooden Flooring and Water - a case-study

The plain truth about natural wooden flooring in your home

Wood Floor Fact Sheet - now available:

Do you know how to IMMEDIATELY increase

the value of your house and the comfort of your home? 

Adding new or restored natural wooden flooring will definitely increase the value and comfort to any house and home immediately. Yours included.

It's a known fact - even before the 'credit-crunch' effect on the housing market.


According to WoodCare adding wooden features to your home will increase its value between 5 to 15%.

From stripping down wooden banisters and exposing their natural character, re-instating real wood doors and especially installing real wooden floors in the main areas - it will all have an instant positive effect.

And it's not just that you can ask more for your house than your neighbour - estate agents and existing clients tell us again and again that homes with wooden floors sell quicker!

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