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Amorim (Wicanders - WicCork manufacturer) awarded 3 prizes

Corporate Register (online directory for corporate non-financial reports) recently awarded Amorim 3 prizes for its 'sustainability report':

  • 3rd in the category "Openness and Honesty"
  • 5th in the category "Best First-time Sustainability Report"
  • 6th in the category "The Relevance & Materiality award"

Uitreikingamorim Amorim's report - checked and approved by an independent institute - describes very openly the company's strategies, effects and influences on the environmental and social-economical developments. With these prizes Amorim receives international recognition for its contribution to an effective sustainable development.
(Amorim's report was selected out of over 300 companies from more than 40 different countries.)

Source: Parketplein/Amorim 24.04.08

Part of Amorim's sustainability report explains the biodiversity and the fight against desertification:

Cork oaks are evergreen trees that play a fundamental role in the fight against desertification of large areas, not just in Europe but also in the Northern African countries of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria where cork forests are often the only obstacle to the fast-advancing Sahara Desert.

Cork oaks, through their unique ability to thrive in sandy and low-nutrient soils, allow for the crucial fixation of organic matter and water-retention capabilities. The resulting environmental balance creates the ideal ecosystem where countless animal and vegetal species prosper. These include some of the world’s most endangered species, such as the Imperial Eagle, the Black Stork and Europe’s last wild feline, the Iberian Lynx.

While biodiversity is crucial, its co-existence in harmony with human economic and social activity is also fundamental. By providing environmentally sound jobs to countless farming communities, cork forests not only foster biodiversity but also provide the means to sustain and fix populations to the land, preventing additional migrations to already-crowded cities.

Wood You Like congratulates Amorim - our WicCork manufacturer - with this achievement. In our showroom we have a large selection of the WicCork floorboards range on display in many colours and designs. Because besides coming from a sustainable and eco-friendly source, cork doens't have to be boring brown any more!

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