Black = back! Wenge versus Thermo Treated Oak
'Real Wood' Campaign gains more support

Ranges: From Basic Oak to real Bespoke

Our Charing showroom is home to around 117 large samples of different wood flooring types, or as we like to say: From Basic Oak to Bespoke. Ample choice for you, from simple wood-engineered Oak Rustic 3-strip, flamy Tropical (FSC) Tarrara Amarillo Duoplank or Solid floorboard to Prime Oak Design Parquet in many patterns.

Wood You Like standard Hackfort Parquet DesignOur bespoke parquet design comes in at least 25 different 'standard' patterns - in many combinations of wood types - and even then our manufacturer (Lieverdink Parket) can make bespoke even more bespoke by altering the chosen pattern at the request of our clients (when possible of course)..... Read more


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