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Black = back! Wenge versus Thermo Treated Oak

Black is the new... black
Designers are looking for warm and dark colours, also in wooden flooring. Staining an Oak floor will just be that: Oak with a darker colour where the grains will stand-out darker than the surrounding wood. Tropical wood comes in many colours, from red-brown to pitch black (like Wenge or Panga Panga), but comes with a price.

Our Wenge Duoplank (6mm Solid Wenge top layer on 15mm water-resistant-plywood) is black, in natures own variations of black and comes with a price tag of £100 (ex VAT) per sq m, pre-oiled.

But there is an alternative: Multi-layer Thermo Heated Oak - black without pronouncing only the grain. It's a through and through 'stain', nothing superficial about it. Placed next to our Wenge sample board you can see the similarity in colour:
Wengethermo_close Comparewengethermo

Price wise, a complete difference: around £ 45 (ex VAT) less per sq m pre-oiled.

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