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'Old-fashion' wood mosaic available

Wood You Like Oak mosaic 5 finger block Renovating/restoring an old property and in need of renewing, replacing, adding on Old-Fashion wood mosaic tiles? The so-called 5-finger of 7 finger blocks of thin strips of wood in easy to install tiles?

We now have various wood-types available for you to finally complete any project. The wood-types are the most 'commonly' used in the old days.

All wood-types are unfinished, so you can use your own matching colour or leave it natural with HardWaxOil, and come with mesh or felt-backing for easy installation with normal parquet adhesive (like F.Ball B91 or B92 - Stycobond)

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I want to install the five finger mosaic tiles. Can you give some guidance on how to do this?

How large are the tiles and are advanced DIY skills essential?

Karin H.

Hi Heather

A few guidelines on installing mosaic:
make sure your underfloor is level and of good quality. Uneven concrete should be levelled out and if you have existing floorboard you have to install chipboard or plywood first.

Use a notched trowel to spread parquet adhesive over the underfloor floor and start laying the mosaic tiles - our 5-fingers our 7.5 x 480 x 480mm (tile measurements), making sure the individual wood strips are tight together.

Then, when the adhesive has bonded the wood to the underfloor you have to sand the whole floor with a belt sander and edge sander. Start with grit 40, then use grit 80 (and collect the sand dust from this). Mix the collected sand-dust with wood-filler, 'plaster' that over the woodblocks to fill every gap and when dried, sand with grit 120 to remove any excess filler.
Now you can apply an oil (or hardwaxoil) finish. For a lacquer finish you have to sand a fourth time with grit 150.

That's it in a nutshell

Wood You Like Ltd

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