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BEST BUY Maintenance product

As all of our clients know we always include a maintenance leaflet - filled with tips and advice to keep your natural wooden floor healthy and 'good-looking' - when we deliver the floor or when we have completed the professional installation of it.
Our showroom stocks maintenance products for any type of finish, be it oiled or varnished, of course of the highest quality.

BEST BUY in maintenance products for wooden floors: Lecol/Leha Stepstop OH36 One of our products: the Lecol/Leha Wax-Polish - StepStop OH36 - has been named BEST BUY in maintenance products for natural wooden flooring by the Dutch Consumer Union (the Dutch 'Which' organisation).
Our price: only £ 13.30 per tin (including VAT), which can cover 70 - 80 sq m!

The StepStop is a liquid polish, easy to apply and when regularly used - every 5 - 6 months - will feed the wood and protect your oiled floor against dirt and drips.
Regular maintenance always enhances your floor. If pressed for time, we can even do the maintenance for you (in the East-Kent area)

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