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Special offer on Wicanders WiCCork series 100


Our cork range flooring comes in many colours and designs (not just 'boring' brown). And until the end of June 2007 all 4 'Collections' in the Series 100 are reduced in price to £ 27.50 per sq m (ex VAT)

Series 100: cork floorboards (10.5 x 295 x 900mm) with cork-lock, Extreme WRT (Wear-Resistant-Technology) finish and built-in thermal insulation and built-in acoustic insulation (the natural characteristics of cork).

In our showroom we have 12 of the 30 different colours and desing on show for you. (Please note, on small orders we might have to charge a little bit extra for freight-costs - maximum £ 40,00, but this depends on how quickly you would like your cork flooring delivered)

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