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To kit or not to kit?

Wooden Flooring Finish: oil or lacquer? Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the hardest questions to answer is: what makes a better finish, lacquer or oil/HardWaxOil?

First of all it’s down to personal taste and secondly to what is expected of the floor, e.g. easy maintenance, shiny look or natural appearance of the wood.

buffing wax wooden flooring Historical the wax floor is still seen as very labour intensive to maintain, who doesn’t have memories of caretakers buffing away endlessly week after week after week (be it your “Gran” or the school caretaker). Then came the ‘modern’ lacquer (and synthetic and affordable wall-to-wall carpets) and the original wax floor almost became extinct.

For many decades..................(read more)

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Karin H.

Hi Alex

Thank you for your question.
Standard, a pre-oiled floor comes in satin-mat finish, not too shiny and
not too mat.

Have you checked out our Basic Floor ranges?

Kind Regards
Wood You Like Ltd


Thanks Karin

I accept I am querying lightening methods which aren't your main diet but as you are extremely knowledgable I ask if you know anything about applying lye in terms of whether it is beneficial over simple colouring. Lye appears to be geared to pine and I wondered if it was therefore inherently more beneificial to how the pine ages in the long run than simple colouring. I also note you recommended Saicos as opposed to Blanchon (which I was starting to edge for) and I wondered what gave Saicos the edge from your point of view? Something to so with the linseed content perhaps?? I greatly appreciate and value your opinion and hope to order products off you very soon. (I also have an engineered oak flooring to sort for laying over UFH concrete floors but that is a wee bit further down the line)
P.S. Can I use these HWO products on my interior bare pine window?
Many thanks

Karin H.

Hi Helga

Fraid I don't have any experience with Lye so cannot advice you on this. My main reason for recommending Saicos Colour Wax Classic White transparent would imho do both things (showing the grain and preventing the pine turning orange) in one go, plus is easy to apply. You can decide also to apply 2 coats of the white to deepen the "colour" before applying the final one coat of HardWaxOil.
If you have left over pieces you could test this with the 0.125 ltr tester tin? Although not shown online, they are available at £ 4.50 ex VAT ex delivery charges.

HWO can be used on any untreated (and Saicos even on pre-oiled) interior wooden fixings and furniture

Hope this helps?

Kind Regards
Wood You Like Ltd

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