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Traditional herringbone woodblock floor on a concrete

Q by Stephen Brown:
I want to lay a traditional herringbone woodblock floor on a concrete base. Can you tell me

  1. What adhesive I should use?
  2. Whether the blocks should only be glued to the concrete floor or whether they should also be glued together with PVA?
  3. Is there a best time of year to do this from the point of view of shrinkage / expansion of the blocks (each block is about 11" x 3")? i.e in the summer when the air is moist or in winter when the air inside the house is dry?
  4. I have seen advice that says you should start a herringbone floor in the middle and work outwards. Is this correct? I'm thinking of a double herringbone pattern with a two block border. Unfortunately it is not a straight rectangular room but has a hearth to work around!


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