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The Mighty Oak - wood at work

Wood You Like The Mighty Oak Yesterday the Mighty, Majestic Oak featured in BBC2's "The Trees That Made Britain". Tony Kirkham and Jon Hammerton, both familiar faces from the Kew-Garden programs, showed and experienced the 'work-horse' among trees.

The Oak has been around for ages, surrounded with folklore, tradition, history and is nature's source for many trades and products.

The Oak, not just in the U.K. - all over mainland Europe also, is used for grand structures (Salisbury Cathedral's Spire is just one, but excellent, example), many historic ships, galleons, barges and simple tugs depended on the strength of the Oak, the bark of the tree (the tanned-acid) was/is an essential product to keep hides in prime and flexible condition and Oak barrels make Whiskey what Whiskey is.

Oak, the majestic tree is the most popular choice in wooden flooring (85% of all wooden flooring bought), its variety in grades and natural colours, its strength, durability and value is renowned by all and sundry.
The tanned-acid in the wood is still used to create that typical dark, golden brown, smoked colour old Oak boards or beams in stables and cattle-wagons have (the ammonia in the cattle pee reacting with the tanned-acid changes the wood colour - nowadays ammonium-vapours are used - in a 'smoke-room' - to create the same effect).

Mighty Oak, the versatile, grandest work-horse among all trees, who wouldn't want to have a majestic floor from you?

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