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Forest Stewardship Council and reforestation.

Reforestation should be on everyone's mind who is dealing/working with wood. Sustained forests are the only way forward, economically and environmentally. More and more governments, producers and organisations realise that a "Forest that pays, stays", and not just tropical forests. Examples: The Netherlands and Belgium combined have 115,000 ha of FSC certified forests and plantations (production forests), The U.K. 1,693,000 ha beginning 2007.
And more and more organisations/customers demand that wood used in projects (building projects, flooring projects) comes from sustained forests.

Wood You Like FSC reforestation Our Dutch 'Duoplank' and Solid wooden flooring manufacturer owns 30,000 ha of FSC certified tropical forest in Bolivia and has been involved with reforestation projects in Paraguay for many, many years.

The founder/owner started with sustained forestry even before FSC was 'born' (1990) and without any help from local (South America) governments (who have been known to point out the huge forest to him asking: whatever for do we need to replant?).
The sustained plantation is now the only forest around for miles.

The birch plywood backing of the Duoplank also comes from sustained forests, making it one complete product from nature - with nature's future in mind.

(Did you know that the Oak, Merbau, Walnut and Iroco Duoplank range is guaranteed on underfloor heating? This product has been tested by TNO  - world wide renowned Dutch Technology and Test Institute - to ensure that it's a perfectly suitable product to be installed over underfloor heating - correctly installed and used according to the heating system manufacturer's specifications of course)

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