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We have oak flooring underneath carpet, how can we best in the nail holes left by the grippe rods etc


Hi Claire

Do you know with what materials the Oak flooring is finished with: varnish or wax/oil?

If oil, apply wax in the little holes. If varnish you could try to hide the little damges with an apporpriate maintenance porduct first, otherwise sanding the floor would be the only solution I'm afraid.

Wood You Like Ltd

Graham Gallant

We have decided to take our carpet up in the hall and lounge as there is parquet flooring underneath and it's in good condition.
However, there are little bits missing around the edges. Do I buy these bits???

Karin H.

Dear Graham.

Congrats with this find, valuable floor and worth some TLC.
'The bits around the edges', do you mean missing blocks, or missing cork strips?
We have both, all we need are measurements of the blocks or cork.

Wood You Like Ltd

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