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I hope that you can help. Please can you advise me on how I should fit a wood floor onto an Asphalt base. The Asphalt is on top of Concrete - is a 1970s house. I had been thinking of using a Latex levelling screed and using Adhesive to bond the wood to the latex! Should I use an additional DPM? - A friend has mentioned a house where the wood lifted the Asphalt away from the concrete and I am obviously keen to avoid this. All thoughts greatly welcomed - many thanks in advance.

Karin H.

Hi Polo

Asphalt also know as bitumen. Will get brittle over time and can effect the bonding with anything you use on top of it - like screed or adhesive.
When you screed you have to be absolutely sure it has bonded correctly and sound to the Asphalt layer, otherwise things like your friend mentioned can happen, wood is very, very strong and the connection between the Asphalt and screed will be the weakest link.

Another option would be, if your boards are T&G and wider than 100mm to install the floor floating.

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