Main benefits and advantages of Natural Wooden Flooring
Adding value to your home

Easy maintenance of Natural Wooden Flooring

In fact it’s very simple: dirty is dirty, clean is clean.
Because natural wooden flooring is a hard floor covering, dirt, dust will stay on top of it and will never penetrate the material (as happens with carpets). House mites have nothing to ‘cling’ on to.

All it takes is a soft broom (or cylinder vacuum cleaner, we recommend the brand Miele – N.B upright cleaners with plastic wheels can easily scratch the floor) for the normal day-to-day care.

Wood You Like, Natural Wooden Flooring with easy maintenance

Plus, taking care of your wooden floor enhances its beauty, durability and value.

In our showroom we stock many maintenance products for any type of finish (waxed, oiled or lacquered) plus floor protection products like castors and self-adhesive felt pads in many shapes and sizes.

We supply every customer with our maintenance leaflet, which contains more practical tips, and we can even carry out the maintenance service for you. You can even opt for our ‘Life-long’ price-guaranteed maintenance service, where we treat your floor minimum twice a year for a fixed price (including the maintenance product used), which will not change so long you live in the property the wooden floor is installed in.

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