5th Anniversary News and Offers

From little Acorns....

"From little Acorns mighty Oaks will grow"

Acorn1_3How to ‘Grow your own floor’ - a special gift of natural wonder, from us to you.

On this special occasion of our 5th Anniversary we are gifting you a little ‘miracleAcorn2 of nature’, a beautiful acorn, hand collected from a natural forest locally, so you too can start growing your very own ‘genuine oak flooring’. (Request to have a little miracle of nature send to you by filling the form below, sorry, none left!)

Acorn3Estimated delivery time for your oak floor - approx 40 years.

Meanwhile, the oak in your garden will provide you with many years of pleasure – and guaranteed, you will get so fond of it you won’t want to chop it down.  So, perhaps a quicker, more reliable way of getting your ‘genuine oak flooring’ is to give Wood You Like, the wood flooring specialists, a call on 01233 713725.

Revised delivery time for your oak flooring - within 4 weeks!

What you need to know about growing your own floor:

  • The Oak is part of the Beech family - its Latin name is Quercus.
  • Your Oak tree can easily live 200 years and more - the oldest known Oak tree in the UK is said to be about 1,000 years old.
  • Only after about 25 years will your Oak start to produce its own acorns.
  • It takes, on average, up to 35 years for an Oak tree to reach maturity (approx height of 25 – 30 metres).
  • A mature Oak tree can draw up 190 litres of water a day from your garden.
  • After felling your tree, it will need to go through various drying processes (lumber stacks, turning, dry-sheds, kiln drying, and more, taking up to 3 years) to reduce its moisture content, in a gentle and natural manner to prevent it splitting, before it can eventually be cut into timber or floor boards – and then dried further before you can lay them, with pride, in your home.
  • From 1 cubic metre of tree you might get 20 sq metres of 21mm thick solid boards, or up to 90 sq metres of precision Wood-Engineered floorboards.

5th Anniversary Wood You Like

Happy New Year !

Label5th And what a new year it will be: a whole year with special offers to celebrate Wood You Like's 5th Anniversary.

We'll start with a very special gift to every client purchasing our quality natural wooden flooring:


Browse our website and online shop to select your own high quality natural wooden flooring and stay tuned for more special offers, attractions and celebrations.