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February 2012

Brand new Main Website

The Big Switch has taken place: since last Thursday afternoon Wood You Like has a brand new website with a new design, new - better - layout, new - better - navigation and still compact and comprehensive.

We had to tweak a few items once the new site went from draft to LIFE, hence the delay in the Launch Announcement (and little tweaks are still being made as we speak, a webmaster's job seems never finished. For instance, the Wooden Floor Installation Manual details still has its own website)

Have a Look:

Have a Look:

The navigation bar has drop down menus per category and every category has its own menu on the right hand side for easy navigation within the category. Every page also has a search box to help you find the information quicker and simpler. Alternatively you can use the site-map

On the left hand side you'll see a "Ask Us" button (which conveniently scrolls down with you). This button connects with the "Recently Asked" database from our Support Service.
The Support Service has had some own changes too: more categories - from Recently Asked on selecting your wooden floor to Recently Asked on maintenance and everything in between.

Share, comment and connect

Share, comment and connect

On every page and article you'll find share and connect buttons, and underneath all the Latest News articles (also a new feature) you can leave and share your comments.

You will also find this comment and share option underneath every item in our secure online shop - feel free to add you own product review there!

Grit - protect your floor

Winter is here!

Gritting, Wood You Like floor maintenance In our latest newsletter we already mentioned that wooden floors benefit from extra TLC. 'Pampering' your floor by applying a maintenance product every 5 to 6 months will keep the wood protected against dirt and drips and enhance its beauty. Special care is recommended when salt from the gritting on icy and/or snowy roads comes on your floor through wet-shoe prints. Not all entrance mats 'wipe' the bottom of your shoes completely dry.
To prevent the salt effecting the wooden floor there are a few simple things you can do:

  • Leave shoes on the mat (or kick off your shoes on the mat and store them in a shoe cupboard - if you have such a novel item - or area that is tiled. To prevent the tiles coming dirty or smutched, put an old newspaper on the floor first).
  • Leave shoes in the porch and have slippers at the ready - warmed-up slippers is really a nice treat after a walk in the cold.
  • Wipe wet-shoe prints dry the moment you notice them so the salt doesn't get a change to effect the wood.
  • Make sure your wooden floor receives its extra TLC.