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December 2011

Introducing: Hattan Range - Multi-layer European Oak

manufactured in The Netherlands from European Oak on water-resistant birch plywood, plus 2 American Black Walnut boards
Visual beautiful, always individual (for not two timbers are the same), warm both to the touch and the eye, hard-wearing, long-lasting and easy to clean; wood makes the perfect floor for the way you live, and Hattan load-bearing engineered flooring makes to perfect wooden floor!..... Read more


Problems with your floor?

One frequent occurring matter landing in our inbox or phoned about seems to be encountering a quality problem with the wood flooring bought.

Product of nature

Some online retailers pride themselves on sending out free samples of wooden flooring. We on the other hand know a tiny sample can and will never show you the rich natural variety any wooden floor has. The tiny sample sent out to you by others could be pre-selected on appearance - for instance one tiny knot when you select a rustic grade.
Basing your purchase decision on just such a tiny sample is asking for problems......

Read more

Introducing: Wood You Like's Unique Gift Vouchers

Running up to Christmas - problem 1

When the Mid Winter Deals were announced last week, a lady ventured into our Charing showroom, eager to take advantage of this deal. The natural wooden floor she had her heart set on - Prime Oak small plait, one of the design parquet patterns we do - would suit her plans for redecorating one of the larger "drawing rooms" in her property.

The problem she encountered was an absent husband, who - as we all can guess - had to give his "approval" on the decision by at least having seen the large sample in our showroom too. His busy diary, specially during this busy "running up to Christmas rather quickly" period, did not seem to give him the opportunity to do so before the New Year, when the Mid Winter Deal would have been expired.

Running up to Christmas - problem 2

We also received a phone call from a excited DIY-er who suddenly realised Christmas is only two weeks away. His problem: having promised "her who must be obeyed" - his expression, not ours - to have the new natural wooden floor sorted before the festivities started. That promise had been made 4 months ago, before he had started his various projects on the house, estimating he got plenty of time to have everything ready for the floor to be bought and installed way before then.

And as we all know, projects do tend to fill up more time than originally estimated, so he is now running out of time and running out of excuses for the "misses".
She'd study our Online Full Colour Natural Wooden Flooring Brochures for months now and knows exactly what wood-species and finish she wants, but her DIY husband still can't tell her which floor type (15 or 20mm) he prefers to have. That depends on some issues with the underfloor he has to sort out before that decision can be made.
Could we help out? To keep in her good books, he has to show he's definitely "on the case" and hasn't forgotten his promise to her.

Problem 3 - what products?

An elderly dad, recently retired, called us also in regards of a problem, this time nothing to do with Christmas.

His son had recently moved into a small council house and after ripping out the old carpets, he - helping his son with some decoration - had discovered an original mosaic floor in rather good nick underneath. Searching the Internet had brought them to our "7 Easy Steps" guide to repair and restore any original parquet floor.

Plans to do so are afoot and dad wants to be involved with the preparations for this, but does not know what products his son needs or wants. Dad is adamant he should at least contribute to the costs, since the move has already cost his son more than originally planned (as they do, Murphy's Law at work).

One simple and stress-free solution: Unique Gift Vouchers

Specimen of Wood You Like's Unique Gift Vouchers

If Mrs C, with her very busy husband, purchases the £250.00 Unique Gift Voucher for him before the end of this month, the Mid Winter Deal will extend till 31.01.2012 for them. That's a whole calender month longer to take advantage of these unique deals.

Mr Z, fearing the wrath of his "Misses" can purchase any of the vouchers, which will be printed on quality paper and show her - leaving the Unique gift Voucher underneath the Christmas tree - he's definitely on the case.
(Royal Mail's "Beat the Christmas Rush" promises to delivery any 1 st class mail UK main land posted on or before Tuesday 20.12.11 on or before Christmas Eve.)

And Mr L's son would be very happy to receive an Unique Gift Voucher of £ 75.00 for the restoration materials of his own choice, which he can use when ordering the quality products in Wood You Like's secure online shop.

The Vouchers come in 3 values: £ 75.00 - £ 125.00 and £ 250.00
Each has an Unique Voucher Reference and an Unique Code. The latter is a one-off discount code to be used in our online showroom. Each voucher keeps its value for 6 months after the date of issue, but is not redeemable against cash. The vouchers can either be printed on high quality paper and posted - mind the Christmas cut-off point of Royal Mail - or emailed as PDF file.

Make someones Christmas even more special, gift them one of Wood You Like's Unique Gift Vouchers! Call 01233 - 713725 today or purchase the voucher(s) of your choice in our secure online shop now.

Hurry, order before 20.12.11 1pm to have your voucher posted first class in time for Christmas!

Mid Winter Deals

We end this year with very special Mid Winter Deals on all the Unique Natural Wooden Flooring types: Design Parquet, Grigio load-bearing aged floorboards, Hattan 20mm European Oak load-bearing range, FSC Tropical Duoplank, FSC Tropical Commercial and Vertical Parquet, and three very special SolidFloor (TM) ranges - Earth & Fire, Black & White, Gold & Silver.

No matter if you choose supply & install or supply only and no matter how many sq meters you need - we have a Unique Mid Winter Deal for you!

The Unique Ranges

Unique Natural Wooden Flooring By Wood You Like - Kent

Unique, because

  • manufacturers only select specialist retailers, assuring you of dedicated professionals who know what product would suit your circumstances and interior design wishes best and why
  • products are of the highest quality, with a lifespan of at least 30 - 40 years, assuring you of long lasting value for money
  • most, if not all, are produced in Europe and where Oak is the wood-species of your choice, made from European Oak
  • from guaranteed FSC or PEFC certified sources, even from one manufacturer's own FSC certified forest and sustainable projects in South America
  • with finishes, wood-species or in shapes you will find nowhere else, assuring you an individual natural wooden floor, a true "one of its kind" only
  • your selected floor always comes with extra services, from specified order confirmations, delivery dates suited to your schedule, to advice (and 6 monthly reminders) on maintenance and after care

Mid Winter Deals on Supply and Install orders

Have your unique natural wooden floor installed by the professionals of Wood You Like Kent

3 Unique deals for you, depending on the sq meters ordered:

Orders below 25 sq meters:

  • Saicos Ecoline Wax-Care Spray (covers 100 sq meters)
  • 4-seasons guarantee on labour
  • 50% refund Survey fee (*1)
  • 2.5% discount on installation costs
Wood You Like specialises in installations of Design Parquet flooring Orders below 50 sq meters:
  • 1 years worth of maintenance products
  • 2 E-fit images for Design Parquet, Grigio and SolidFloor (TM) range for the price of 1 - upload an image of your room and have it E-fitted with the floor of your choice
  • 4-seasons guarantee on labour
  • 100% refund Survey fee (*1)
  • 5% discount on installation costs

Orders over 50 sq meters:

  • lifelong supply of maintenance products (*2)
  • 2 E-fit images for free
  • 4-seasons guarantee on labour
  • 100% refund Survey fee (*1)
  • 10% discount on installation costs

Mid Winter Deals on Supply Only - anywhere in mainland UK

Delivery options on any natural wooden floors available

Again, 3 Unique deals for you, depending on the sq meters ordered:

Orders below 25 sq meters:

  • 50% discount on Wooden Floor Installation Manual - 160 page paperback
  • Saicos Ecoline Wax-Care Spray (covers 100 sq m)

Orders below 50 sq meters:

  • 100% discount on Wooden Floor Installation Manual
  • 50% discount on delivery charges
  • 1 years worth of maintenance products

Orders over 50 sq meters:

  • 100% discount on Wooden Floor Installation Manual
  • 100% discount on delivery charges
  • lifelong supply of maintenance products (*2)

The Conditions, without any small print

Survey fees apply for addresses 50 miles or more away from Charing, Kent and have a minimum charge of £ 75.00 ex VAT (= *1). We normally restrict our working area to Kent and the borders of the surrounding counties Surrey and Sussex. Do enquire about options further afield.
Lifelong supply applies as long as you own the property the wooden floor is installed in and is based on the normal regime of maintenance you should treat your floor with (= *2)

For all Unique Mid Winter Deals the following applies:

  • New orders placed and first payment received on or before 31 December 2011 4pm,
  • and delivered (and/or installed by Wood You Like for Supply & Install orders) on or before 31 March 2012
  • scheduling of delivery and/or works on your preferred delivery/installation date will be based on first come, first served
  • applicable for Design Parquet, Grigio load-bearing wood-engineered floorboards, Hattan (European Oak load-bearing floorboards), FSC Tropical Duoplank floorboards (load-bearing and 15mm), FSC Tropical Commercial and Vertical Parquet, SolidFloor (TM) Earth & Fire, SolidFloor (TM) Black & White and SolidFloor (TM) Gold & Silver range
  • In total the "Unique Range" contains over 107 different floors, your unique choice definitely among them

Drop by, view the samples, browse the online brochures

Come and visit Wood You Like's showroom in Charing Kent to select your unique natural wooden floor

Why not drop by when you are in the neighbourhood of Charing, fresh (Dutch) coffee served if you like. You can discuss your options, your wishes for specific flooring there and then with us and receive an "on-the-spot" best quotation. If you select installation by Wood You Like's professional team we schedule a survey date with you, after which you will receive (by email or post) the specified quotation, detailing all materials and works involved.

Not able to visit? Request access to the Online Wooden Floor Range brochures and browse all available options in the comfort or your own home (or office). Email us your preferred Unique floor, and some details on the rooms (type of underfloor, UFH involved etc) and we will send you our best quotation in the shortest time possible.

PS - Remember: the last day of the year is last day to take advantage of the unique Mid Winter Deals!

call us now on 01233 - 713725, drop by or drop us an email on