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Conservatories can provide extra space

Homeowners who are looking for extra space in their properties could consider constructing a conservatory.

Andrew Leech, spokesman for the National Home Improvement Council, explained that the organisation feels many people are looking to make more space at home in the most economical way possible due to the current financial climate.

As a result of this, he said that the possibility of have a conservatory built on to their house is appealing to many residents.

"They can provide an extra 'room' at a relatively cheaper price, but should not be compared with benefits to be gained from a more substantial and well-insulated extension," Mr Leech stated.

People considering larger projects were recently advised by Jaclyn Thorburn, spokeswoman for BuildStore, that building a property could be the easiest way to get the house of their dreams.

Best floorcovering in conservatories: wood-engineered

10mm wood-engineered flooring highly suitable for conservatories

Conservatories have their own climate, sometimes with rapid changing temperatures. A Solid wooden floor would be reacting constantly to these changes and therefore gives a too high risk of cupping, expanding and causing all sorts of problems.

Installing a wood-engineered floor has many more advantages - for one it is way more stable than any solid floorboard, due to the construction of the cross-layered backing. Once installed, the floor will look absolutely no different than a solid board.

If the underfloor is even (do remember that a new concrete floor takes 30 days per inch to dry sufficiently for any floorcovering to be installed safely) you can install a 10mm wood-engineered Oak board, which has a 3mm Solid top layer. Very economical real wood product giving you both the practicality of a stable floor as well as a luxurious floor covering (easy to maintain and no worries about cupping).

Plenty of finishes and wood-species to choose from: Oak, American Oak, Walnut and even Aged (distressed and hand-scraped options)

Hardwood flooring 'popular for interiors'

The use of hardwood flooring is set to be a big trend in interior design during 2011, according to one expert.

Stefan Zachary, founder of Buckinghamshire-based Zachary Design, explained that one of the biggest trends for homes this year is going to be the use of wooden floors.

He stated that because of this, carpet is going to be at a minimum due to the increased demand for high-quality wooden finishes.

In general, he said homeowners are now looking for a good standard of products to use in their properties.

"With the quality of fittings in the house in kitchens and bathrooms, people's aspirations for those parts of the building are now much higher. That extends into bedrooms," Mr Zachary added.

Using a rich palette of colours in the home was recently advised by designer Hannah Barnes, who said copper shades work well with deep blues.

Combine flooring with copper shades: Silver & Gold Range

Wood You Like unique wood-engineered floor range, silve, sopper and gold finishes

Inspired by precious metals, the Silver & Gold wood-engineered range contains 3 Silver, 3 Brass/Copper and 2 Gold oiled finished Oak boards.
The picture shows the "Antique Bronze" finish on the 15/4 (15 mm total thickness with a 4mm Solid Oak top layer) x 189 x 1830mm boards.

You can find more details and images of the other "precious metal" finished floors here - and more.

How's that for luxurious hardwood flooring?

Home refurbishments stand out with rich colour palettes

Rich colour palettes have been recommended to people looking to carry out big home refurbishments.

According to Hannah Barnes of Hannah Barnes Designs, hues such as teal and aubergine are set to be a popular trend for the coming months, so homeowners may be tempted to use them on the walls.

"Copper shades will help to change it up in cushions, accessories and lighting, contrasting with the deep hues of purples and blues," she said.

The interior design expert added that metallic accessories are also set to be used a lot to break up blocks of colour in a home this year.

Ms Barnes explained that "rich walnuts" and "rustic textures" are also likely to be utilised by people wishing to have a stylish property in 2011.

Unique floors with rich colour palettes

Select a rich colour palette in wood-engineered flooring from Wood You Like's Unique Floor Range

From Silver and Gold, Black and White to Earth and Fire, unique wood-engineered floor ranges - now available right here.

15/4 T&G boards (15mm with a 4mm Solid top layer) of high quality, examples can be seen here (where you can also request the complete Full Colour Online Wooden Floor Range Brochures and browse all unique floor at your leisure at home).

Add rich and bold colours to your home in a simple way, the real wooden floor will last a life-time. Call us now on 01233 - 713725 to discuss lead times and prices.

Underfloor heating 'an attractive renovation'


People who are planning to carry out renovation work on their property may be considering trying out underfloor heating.

Installing heating under floors and real wooden floors is currently very popular among homeowners, according to a spokesman from QEP Vitrex.

He explained that one of the most attractive things about having the flooring in the home is that it has a large "comfort factor" as no-one likes having cold feet.

It is also good for people who plan on selling their properties, as "it is seen as a positive factor in the housing market and it is a positive feature in the house," the expert added.

The current lull in the housing market makes the present time ideal for carrying out renovation work, in the view of Joe McLoughlin, director of

When installing UFH and wooden floors, you have to be aware of certain issues: solid floorboards are a no no, wood-engineered floors are much stabler and suitable for this. The only solid wood floor you can install safely on UFH is (design) parquet 10mm. Always follow the UFH manufacturers guide-lines. Start-up procedures should be followed before, during and after the installation of your wooden floor, you can request these steps here.

In our showroom you will find the widest selection of UFH suitable wooden floors, give us a call now on 01233 - 713725 to discuss your options.

VOC Free Wax Care EcoLine Spray

The latest innovation by Saicos Coating Systems

1 ltr Spray

Saicos VOC free maintenance spray for all wooden floors, at Wood You Like

Saicos Wax Care EcoLine (VOC free) is now available in the most easy to use container: 1 ltr spray.

The minute we received this new product I've used it on our own showroom and really, the easy care of wooden flooring has just become even easier. The nozzle sprays a thin "rain" of maintenance product on the floor, spreads out wide enough to be very economical in use and produces a thin layer which is gently rubbed in with a polish applicator.

AND..... it is suitable for both oiled and lacquered/varnished floors, just like the Saicos Wash-Care is.

Finally a product range where two maintenance care products can be used on any wooden floor.

Order it now in our secure webshop £ 16.04 ex VAT, delivery charges may apply.

Striking gold!

No, you didn't win the lottery (or have you?) and neither have we discovered a hidden and long forgotten mine with a large deposit of precious metal.

Silver & Gold Unique Range, inspired by the splendour of precious metals.

Dazzling Gold Oak wood-engineered floorboards from Wood You Like

Silver & Gold is an exclusive collection of wooden floors with a dazzling finish, inspired by the splendour of precious metals.

It is a collection with a certain elegance, a real glamour trend. Unique in image and exclusive in design, a Silver & Gold floor will give your interior a sense of affluence and a great deal of character.

Choosing from the Silver & Gold collection means bringing an exclusive jewel into your home. 

Luxury Bronze from the Unique Silver and Gold wood-engineered range Wood You Like   Smashing Silver Oak Wood-Engineered Unique Floor

How about Luxury Bronze in your dining room? Or Smashing Silver?

Names to sparkle:

  • Oxi Silver
  • Gracious Silver
  • Smashing Silver
  • Luxury Bronze
  • Antique Bronze
  • Rough copper
  • Dazzling Gold
  • Groovy Gold

All are 15/4 Wood-engineered high quality boards (15mm total thickness with a 4mm Solid Oak or Ash or Larch top layer, standard T&G, bevelled)
Sizes: 15 x 189 x 1830mm / 2.075 sq m per pack

Pre-oiled - after installation apply one coat of Saicos Wax-care natural.

Can be installed floating, on self-adhesive underlayment, glued down with flexible adhesive.
Suitable for installation over UFH systems (check with your UFH system supplier for advice).

Need to know more, want to see all the precious metals how they can look in your home too?
Request our "Full Colour Online Wooden Floor Range Brochures" - filled with technical details, high resolution images of interior designs and much more.
Select the Unique Range in the form below, pop in your name and email address and an email with access details to the brochures will whiz its way to your inbox instantly.

(If you don't receive this email within 10 - 15 minutes, do check your spam/junk box to see if it has landed in there by accident.)

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Bring dazzle and luxury to your home

Groovy Gold from Silver and Gold Unique range in wood-engineered floorin

Groovy Gold, adding dazzle and luxury to your home (in any area) in the most simple way.

Request the brochure, or give us a call now on 01233 - 713725 to discuss you options, lead times and prices.

Unique Wild Wood Furniture on Wood - so natural

We asked Sharon Phillips, partner at Unique Wild Wood Furniture (Lydd, Romney Marsh Kent) for her input for our 2011 theme

Each piece....


Wood - so natural:

Each piece is totally individual, each piece totally unique.
If it could tell a story it would be one of extreme hardship as trees stand their testament of time in all weathers. And we must not take their splendor for granted, like most things on the planet men is using this natural resource at an alarming rate and I think we all need to step back and think of the enormous diversity of this fantastic natural resource.

Once introduced into the home, whether in natural flooring or furniture it somehow seems to naturally lift your spirits with its simplicity and its natural beauty.

When buying timber please make sure that it is a legal source from fully managed and sustainable sources.

Sharon Phillips - Feb 2011


Picture of a 500 years old Oak tree, it fell as an acorn when Henry VIII was king and stood the test of time through every major conflict and event up until 8 years ago when it fell down during a storm.

Wood You Like likes to work with passionate about wood businesses such as Unique Wild Wood Furniture At Unique Wild Wood Furniture, Sharon and her partner use timber sourced from properly managed outlets so no piece is illegally felled for their goal to make bespoke furniture for you.

90% of their work is handcrafted bespoke design coffee tables, truly unique and are made from solid wood. They are more than happy to accommodate any request to design a coffee table,dining table ,or to help you with a project you have in mind.

At Wood You Like, all natural wooden floors come from sustainable sources, we fully agree with Sharon's argument.

Beautiful Iroko, beautiful restored

There are wood species and there are wood species. The best known and most common/popular in wooden flooring is still Oak Rustic, showing its full natural character. Often stained - unfortunately, why would you disguise nature's own beautiful colours?

Nature's own variety

Original Iroco/Kambala herringbone rediscovered after restoration Recently we were asked to sand down and renovate an original parquet floor near Kent's coast. The home owners wanted the existing dark stain removed from their herringbone floor and bring back it's original Oak - so they thought - character.

When we arrived on site it was immediately clear that hiding beneath the dark and knackered varnish layer lay not an Oak floor, but one of nature's most versatile in colour spectrum tropical wood species: Iroko (Kambala).

Iroko (Milicia excelsa) grows in tropical Africa as 50 - 60 meter high straight and often branchless tree, with an 1upto 2.5 meter wide trunk.
The wood sources from this tree various from butter yellow to golden brown, from soft pearly green to brownish red. The grain is often straight, but can have a slight wave. It contains a substance that dissolves in organic solvents which increases the drying time of varnishes/lacquers finishes.

Barry, Wood You Like's head floor restorer, with the professional buffing machine spreading out the thin oil

On this particular floor - as we prefer to do on all tropical wood-species - we applied one coat of Saicos Colour Wax Clear extra thin for long term protection. The oil is applied very thinly and then spread out evenly with none-fluffy cloth underneath the professional buffing machine.
After this has dried, the floor is finished with solid wax, an old-fashion but very, if not the most, effective method to create the wear and tear layer.

Ton, co-owner of Wood You Like - buffs in the solid wax to create the natural wear and tear layer on the Iroko parquet floor
The professional buffing machine above works in the solid wax, leaving a satin to shiny and non-slippery finish, bringing the wood's own character fully to life!
One Iroko/Kambala original herringbone parquet floor brought back to its original glamour
The end result: gone is the darkening and scruffy lacquer finish. The restoration works fully exposed this Iroko/Kambala natural full and versatile character.

Wondering what your own original parquet floor is hiding beneath its old finish? Call the professionals and who knows? Your floor might be an even bigger treasure than you think.

Not moving? Think renovating!

The current lull in the property market makes it the ideal time to consider carrying out home renovations, according to one expert.

Joe McLoughlin, director of, explained that as banks are still reluctant to hand out big mortgage loans, some people may find it preferable to work on their current properties instead.

He stated that this could actually be beneficial to their properties in the long term, as some refurbishment jobs are likely to boost the value of the building.

It’s not the large projects like extensions or expensive kitchens that add the most value – in fact, estate agents in a recent survey said, often these tend to lose money - as much as 50% on their cost!

No, what does increases value has more to do with adding ‘lifestyle’ features that provide the greatest return when it comes to valuing a house.

They say that “for every £1,000 spent on ‘lifestyle’ features you can reckon on adding more than £3,500 to the value of your home”

Why? Because most people envy, and like to buy into, those signals of ‘success’ so effortlessly portrayed by lifestyle ‘visuals’.

Adding quality wooden flooring to your property often increases its value - when done professionally

Features, such as wooden flooring - which is light and hygienic, provides a sense of space and elegance, wonderfully easy to keep clean and dust free, and exceptionally robust and long lasting – can make a huge difference to the value of your home.

A new wood floor is proven to add more value to your home than any other flooring option, including tile or wall-to-wall carpeting. And unlike other options, wooden floors not only maintain their value over the years, but effectively retain and improve their elegance and their beauty. And even in those rare cases they do begin to show any wear, they don't need to be replaced - wood flooring can be repaired without losing its value, or elegance, for a fraction of the cost of replacing other types of flooring.

It's no wonder therefore that 'natural wooden flooring’ appears so often in the advertisements of property developers, furniture retailers, and your estate agent – they are simply magnificent, and enhance any room, whatever the furnishing, and whether it’s a simple home or your beloved ‘palace’.

Call us on 01233 - 713725 now to discuss your options in adding simply lifestyle features to your home with one of our natural wooden floor types. Or drop by in our Charing (Kent) showroom where you can discuss all matters face to face with the professionals.

Wood - so natural