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Too hot to handle

We love to sell a wooden floor, to anyone who enquirs after one of our quality products. It's our business, so no surprise there then.

But sometimes you have to say: no, sorry, in this situation we strongly advice against installing a wooden floor.

Wood You Like's speciality - design parquet flooring

This week a lovely couple came to our showroom to look at our design parquet floors. Oak Rustic herringbone was firmly on their mind, which is of course a lovely choice. With them I discussed how we would install the wood blocks on their concrete underfloor: first a subfloor of Oak Industrial Grade mosaic on to which the individual wood blocks would be glued and pinned down in the required pattern. Sanding, filling and applying a natural HardWaxOil finish would follow the works.

The estimated measurements of the area (large hallway) were translated into a hand-written quote and an appointment for Ton to carry out a survey, to measure more precise and check the underfloor, was made for today (Friday 26.11.10).

After the survey Ton returned to our showroom, where normally all the details are turned into a specified quotation, mailed (or emailed) as soon as possible to the client. Except today it didn't go that way, Ton discovered the concrete floor was "too hot to handle"!

When winter exposes a "weak link"

Too hot to handle, central heating pipes blocking wood floor installation

The concrete was hot enough to bake an egg on it! Presumably, when installing the central heating many years ago, not enough insulation was used between the water pipes and the concrete surface, or the pipes were not laid deep enough. Makes you wonder sometimes where British Building Standards stand for or why some plumbers get away with this type of shoddy workmanship.

Installing a wooden floor which needs to be glued down in this situation would end in tears. The adhesive will sooner or later (sooner no doubt) fail and blocks will start to come loose and/or shrink and buckle. Ton advised them to consider tiles, which are better suited for these "hot" circumstances. The client were both disappointed and glad this issue had come to light.

If the survey had taken place in Summer this "too hot to handle" situation had not come to light. Central heating works completely different than water underfloor heating systems, where the temperature of the water in the pipes is set to a maximum in order not to cause problems to the floor covering and is switched on continuously. Central heating water pipes transport hot water to the radiators when the demand is there, getting really hot and then again cooling down, making any wood floor very, very nervous.

So, when your floor is installed in Summer and starts behaving strangely at some places when the central heating is switched on, check the surface temperature to see if hot water pipes are running beneath it before you call your fitter back to complain. Although all professional fitters try to for see all situations, some tricky situations come only to light when you least expect them. And if you know water pipes could be running close to the concrete surface: tell your installer, no matter what the season is.

Two most popular Basic floors reduced in price!

The Wood-Engineered Oak boards in our Basic range have always been very popular. Basically they suit almost every design style, almost every underfloor and definitely every budget.

Oiled Natural and Brushed & Oiled Natural reduced in price

The two most popular finishes in this range, which is 15mm thick and has a 4mm Solid Oak Rustic top layer, are now - at least for the rest of this year - drastically reduced in price

Oiled Natural


A smooth finish for the 15 x 189 x 1830mm board (2.075 sq m per pack)
Used to be £ 45.20 ex VAT: NOW ONLY £ 41.23 ex VAT per sq m = 8.78% discount
And we'll add a Saicos Floor Care Set with your order for free!

Brushed & Oiled Natural


Lightly brushed surface, excellent floor covering when you have pets = better grip.
15 x 189 x 1830mm (2.075 sq m per pack)
Used to be £ 45.20 ex VAT: NOW ONLY £ 42.87 ex VAT per sq m = 5.15% discount
And here too, we will add a Saicos Floor Care Set to your order for free!


Both floors are suitable to be installed on Underfloor Heating Systems (water and electric)

Give us a call now on 01233 - 713725 to discuss your requirements.

(Orders above £ 1,500.00 ex VAT free delivered anywhere in the South East of England - conditions apply)

New: Wood You Like's Trade Program

The wooden flooring trade is constantly changing, from products to new installation methods and equipment. Clients are increasingly asking for more, quicker and better products/services.

Where would you go, as sole-trader, two/three-men band or retailer, to confer with fellow traders? Where can you share experiences, discuss new methods and new products (all manufacturers promise their products to do what it "says on the tin", but do they really when you're "on the floor"?) and even find out how to implement new regulations, VAT changes and marketing tips?
Where can the faithful behind the scene person, doing the admin etc while you are working on the floor, share her/his worries, discuss costs and logistics ?

Wood You Like's Trade Program covers all


Our aim with Wood You Like's Trade Program is to establish a dedicated forum - only accessible for "members" - to bring traders in the wooden flooring business together to share experiences, advice each other (on installation methods, new products, and even marketing, bookkeeping etc), ask questions and perhaps even "share" jobs.

Read on for more information and how to join (Trade only)

(Architects, Interior Designers, Developers are welcome to join the Trade Program too, conditions apply, see here for more details)

Architect, Interior Designer or Developer in need of wooden flooring?

As the acknowledged authority on wooden flooring, many architects, interior designers and property developers, nationally and locally, frequently call 'Wood You Like' for advice on choice and suitability of different wooden flooring and advice on the fitting and maintenance (they see us as The National Helpline for wooden flooring) - and that expertise and professionalism is also always available to you too.

New Classics, example of the quality wooden flooring Wood You Like can provide you withQuality products and quality people

As architect, interior designer or project developer you want to deal with those in the trade who know their business/trade, who have years of experience with all matters wooden flooring. You and we know of too many horror stories when projects go horribly wrong by so-called experts not taking the correct precautions or using unsuitable products, equipment.

Join Wood You Like's Trade Program and have special, unique, access to ... read more

Flat beading, a neat finish

Frequently we're been asked: I can't/don't want to remove my skirtingboards and I don't like the look of scotias or quadrants. What can I use to cover the needed expansion gap around the floor that does look good?

Our answer is quite simple: Solid Oak flat beading. A simple strip - 6mm thick, 25mm wide, with a rounded edge on the front and tapered edge on the back - that's pinned down on your wood floor to give you a very neat finish. A very unobtrusive finish, like a "picture frame", covering the expansion gap.

Blends in


As you can see, or rather not see, the flat beading is often hardly visible.

Does the job, neatly


Here's another example - also note how the door post is undercut to allow expansion of the floor there too.

Around fireplaces


It also works very well around a fire place - if the tiles etc are higher than the floor. Remember, a wooden floor has to have expansion gaps all around its perimeter, so also in front and beside a fire place.



Because the beading is not very wide or thick, it can be cut (sawn) in the angle you need to fit it neatly whatever the shape of the wall "forces" you to have.

The little details


Picture above shows a build-in cupboard where a little piece of beading right in the corner takes care of those little finishing details.

Also note the Solid Oak radiator pipe cover, it does not just sit on the beading. No, the beading is cut round to allow the round shape of the cover to fit neatly around the pipe.

It's those little details that make your floor look professionally finished.

The beading comes unfinished, so you can stain, varnish, oil it with the same colour/product as you floor (or if needed, colour match it with a tropical wood-species by using an appropriate stain).