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Why Wooden Flooring: keeping up with changing trends in design colours

Keeping up with changing trends in design colours


This year's new black is Honey Colour and next year's new black is light chocolate brown.

If you plan to sell your home and know trendy buyers buy into the colours of that year, how are you going to please them? With a wooden floor - especially the lighter European wood species like Oak, Ash and even Pine - you can quite easily change the appearance of your floor without having to replace the whole floor-covering.

All it needs is a light sanding and the application - by yourself or done professionally - of the right colour finish. This tactic will also make your wooden floor almost brand sparkling new again.

Why Wooden Flooring: the pleasure of open fires

The pleasure of open fires

If you are one of the lucky ones who can enjoy an open fire during the colder seasons, you know that no matter how well you try to prevent sparks or spitting of logs, some will find their way through the fire guard. And sometimes even beyond the hearth tiles.

If they then land on modern synthetic carpet you definitely end up with a scorched or singed spot. No such thing will happen when you have a wooden floor. It takes rather long before a spark or spit scorches or singes a hard floor covering. Our own open fire spits and sparks frequently but our wooden floor in front of it shows no single blackened spot, not even the tiniest.

New in Collection: Triplank Thermoheated = black!

The Basic Range most popular floor type has just welcomed its newest addition to its already varied selection:

Duoplank Projectplank thermoheated and oiled, now also available in the Triplank rangeTriPlank Oak Mix Thermo-heated & oiled natural (15mm total thickness with a 4mm Solid Oak top layer). The Oak has been exposed to very high temperatures which gives it a natural extremely dark appearance, from dark brown to pitch black.

It is not a stain on top of the surface, the whole 4mm top layer of the TriPlank has this colour.

It is so brand new we have to use an image of the Duoplank Projectplank Thermo heated so show you the effect of heating Oak. Since both floor types have a Solid Oak top layer the effect is the same on the Triplank.

For all specifications and price see our secure webshop, where you can also see all the other varieties in the TriPlank range.

We see the Thermoheated colour options as a perfect alternative for the rather expensive tropical Wenge.

Why Wooden Flooring: improve health immediately

Improve health immediately

"At last my sneezing and itching has stopped. The simple fact of ripping-out our carpets and replacing them with your wooden flooring has had an almost immediate and lasting positive effect on my year long suffering from dust allergy. I only wish I'd done that much earlier."
Mr T. Chappell, Ashford Kent

Why Wooden Flooring: modern original herringbones

Modern original herringbones

Wooden flooring is increasingly popular, more and more it replaces carpets as floor covering. At the end of the last century 85% of UK homes had carpet as main floor covering, 15% had other coverings like wood, tiles and lino. The latest reports show wooden flooring has increased to 20% of all floor coverings, be it new installed wooden floors or rediscovered original Design Parquet Floors - herringbone still the most popular pattern.

Manufacturers too take advantage of this increasing trend and with improved technology are now also able to supply you with 'original' herringbone boards in pre-finished wood-engineered form. Complete with Tongue & Grooves for easy installation and no need to sand and fill the blocks afterwards - the most labour intensive part of installing an original Design Parquet floor.

Brand new range leaflets - filled with images

Happy New Year!

Have you made your new year's resolutions yet? How about adding natural wooden flooring to your home - adding value and other benefits at the same time.

To start this brand new year we are happy to announce 2 brand new range leaflets, filled with even more interior design picture to give you a better indication and view of how any of the quality products in these wooden flooring ranges could look in your home too.

Request your leaflet now:

Basic Range - Oak, Oak and Oak

Duoplank and Solid Range - plenty of choices in Oak and Tropical wood-species.

More leaflets wil follow shortly (Aged flooring and Design Parquet)