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December 2009

Last day to profit from 15% VAT

Sorry, you left it too late - the VAT rate is again back on 17.5%

But that does not mean you will be out of pocket purchasing a natural wooden floor! It will always keep its value - long after this government has gone past its sell-buy date.

Do you want to know more about how wooden flooring adds value to your home too? Read here all about it.

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Why Wooden Flooring: regular maintenance, only twice a year!

Regular maintenance, only twice a year!

Regular maintenance (only once every 5 to 6 months) will keep your floor healthy and even better protected against dirt and drips.
Plus there is another well known fact: this is the only robust floor covering that becomes more beautiful over time! Every bit of TLC you spend on your natural wooden floor will increase its beauty, its lustre, its durability - it's as simple as that. Compare this with a carpet of only one or two years old and you'll see the advantage wooden flooring gives you immediately.

Why Wooden Flooring: one of the most anti-allergic floor covering there is

Is there anything more precious than being healthy? Brick and mortar are valuable, but when it truly comes to it, no price-tag can be put on making sure you and your family stay healthy.

One of the most anti-allergic floor covering there is


Real wooden flooring is one of the most anti-allergic floor covering there is. Over the last decades there has been an increase in the numbers of people suffering from allergies, eczema and Asthma.

The Healthy Flooring Network recommends to replace carpets with wooden flooring when you or one of your family members suffers from one or more of the above mentioned ailments/illness

"Wall-to-wall carpet suggests luxury, comfort and warmth, but the appeal diminishes when we look a little closer. Carpets harbour dust, which leads to a build up of dust mites and dust mite allergen – an important trigger for asthma and other allergies. One square meter of carpet can contain up to 100.000 dust mites. Babies and young children exposed to such allergens can become sensitised to them and develop asthma and allergies in later life.

Conventional cleaning, even with the newer types of high-powered vacuum cleaners is not sufficient to remove dust mites and doesn’t have the same impact on asthma symptoms as complete removal of carpet.
However, the cheapest alternative smooth flooring are made of PVC, also known as vinyl, which is a major source of toxic and sometimes persistent substances in the environment. Some research also suggest the softeners in PVC itself may contribute to asthma incidence."

Why Wooden Flooring: not slippery but easy to move furniture around

Not slippery but easy to move furniture around

Natural wooden floors are NOT slippery, but come with the extra advantage of having a smooth surface on which furniture can be easily moved around. Adding protective felt-guards to legs of the chairs or tables don't make them slip away underneath you, but eases the effort when moving them.

Many elderly and physical impaired clients have remarked happily on this fact. Since installing wooden floors heavy chairs - or even normal dining chairs - are no longer an obstacle for them. They just 'ease' away when vacuum cleaning the room, when sitting down for breakfast, lunch or diner.

Why Wooden Flooring: robust enough for tenants

Robust enough for tenants


Property managers: some tenants are just not careful enough with property belonging to someone else - a known fact. Another known fact is that dirty surfaces attract more dirt, or in other words: once a carpet looks worn, slightly damaged and dirty nobody is really going to care if it gets even dirtier or more damaged.

However, a floor covering that always looks clean and from which spillages are easily removed tend to bring out the feeling of "ownership". Your tenants will take better care of "their" lovely wooden floor than they will with a carpet. So no more need to replace the carpets every year, saving you a rather lot of money, grievance and aggravation in one simple go.