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Why Wooden Flooring: the only robust floor covering that becomes more beautiful over time

The only robust floor covering that becomes more beautiful over time

Truly, with every little bit of TLC you give your wooden floor, it will reward you by becoming more beautiful. The modern maintenance products are very easy to apply, they will feed the wood and at the same time make it keep its dirt and moist repellent character.

The wax or polish prevents it from drying out - just compare it with your own skin - and no matter how old you wooden floor is, it will stay 'young' and full of vitality.

Wood Flooring Info Pack

Looking for wooden flooring but confused about all those different types around? Is your home best suited with Wood-Engineered or can you have Solid Flooring? And what finish to opt for that matches your life style?

Unsure which installation method you (or your professional fitter) should use, which underlayment to buy with your floor in order to get the best result - and the least problems afterwards?

Worried that any sales person is telling you 'porkies' and sells you a floor not suitable for your house circumstances, your interior design wishes or your budget?

Worry no longer, just request our Wood Flooring Info Pack.

It contains

  • check-lists you can use when out shopping, which materials you do need and which preparations you - or your professional fitter - should take and how to schedule the works involved
  • simple tips and advice how to determine which floor type (solid, wood-engineered or veneer), which underlayment if needed to buy and which installation method to opt for
  • when to select a varnish finish and when you are better off opting for an oiled finish
  • and much more

WoodFlooring Info Pack - publication by Wood You Like Ltd (image for illustration purposes only) Requesting the pack is simple: submit your details here, and we will dispatch in by Royal Mail as soon as possible.

Opt for piece of mind - opt for our extensive Wood Flooring Info Pack.

Why Wooden Flooring: a great factory and free leisure resource

A great factory and free leisure resource

Modern forests, skilfully managed, contain trees of different ages, different species alongside the primary production species. Open spaces in the form of rides, firebreaks and stream side reserves are designed into the forest and, as it is thinned, increasing numbers of under-storey species become established.
While producing timber, these man-made forests also produce picnic spots, lakes and nature trails. Thousands of species of birds, animals and plants call them home. Their air is clean and good to breathe.
The public has free access to 94% of forestland in Europe.

Every time you use wood you are helping to make sure the forests will keep growing. So your children and your children's children will be able to enjoy visiting forests for years and years to come.
(The market for forest products helps finance sustainable forest management.)

Why Wooden Flooring: thinking and investing ahead

Thinking and investing ahead

Like every type of investment the perceived value can go up and down, the stock market comes to mind. Experts on the stock market always tell you to think of the long term profits, it's proven time after time that shares do have a very good ROI over a longer period - 30 to 40 years.

The same can be said of the value of your home. The housing market goes up and down, it has always done this and will always keep doing this. So, invest in brick and mortar for a longer period of time - 30 to 40 years. As seen above, the life-span of quality wooden flooring - 30 to 50 years - keeps pace with this.

Clever home owners and property managers think ahead and invest in their property no matter if house prices go up or down.

Why Wooden Flooring: robust enough for pets

Robust enough for pets

The surface of especially pre-oiled wooden floors are, contrary to believe, not slippery. It gives your pet a sturdy surface, easy to walk on and because most floors are made of hardwood the surface won't easily damage from paws or claws .
If you opt for a brushed surface the softest part from the surface are already removed and gives your pet (lively dogs and cats come to mind) an even more sturdy and almost impossible to damage surface.