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Why Wooden Flooring: no more hands and knees

No more hands and knees

No floor covering is easier to clean than natural wooden flooring. Long gone are the days of polishing a wood floor on hands and knees or seeing 'skid-marks'. The modern finishing and maintenance materials have taken care of that.

Liquid polishes have taken over from the 'hard-wax' products: just sprinkle the product on the floor, spread out with an applicator, let it dry (which only takes 10 minutes) and your job is done!

Why Wooden Flooring: wood as natural recreation source

Beside economical issues the news is frequently filled with environmental issues. From arguments that forest fires are caused by climate change to shrinking ice-caps due to ongoing pollution and global warming.
We are all urged to to our own bit for the environment of our only planet.

Wood as natural recreation source

Wood is not only beautiful varied in all kind of products; as trees - forests - wood is a beautiful natural recreation source. Most importantly is the fact that forests act as a giant carbon sink.

Simple flooring with all characteristics real wood has: EcoPlank

Oak flooring comes in many shapes and sizes, from little 'fingers' in mosaic to solid floorboards and everything in between. Depending on your preferences and your situation your options are plentiful.

For rooms/areas where there is low to normal traffic - bedrooms for instance - we can now offer you a simple Oak floor in 5 popular colours and even an unfinished version for you to add your own finish to: the EcoPlank

Oak EcoPlank consists of 1.8mm solid Oak real wood top layer on a 8.5mm HDF backing: stability combined with all the characteristics and benefits wood flooring has, such as one of the most anti-allergic and easy to maintain floor covering. The individual boards - each with its own character - measure: 10 x 186 x 1900mm

 - Oak veneer real wood floor in bedroom: Ecoplank brushed & oiled natural

The 5 available colours (oiled!, so becoming even more beautiful over time) are:

  1. Brushed & Oiled Natural
  2. Brushed & Oiled White
  3. "Siberia" = white washed
  4. "Oeral" = Smoked & Oiled Natural
  5. "Toendra" = Smoked & Oiled White


The unfinished EcoPlank can be given any finish you like, from HardWaxOil in 14 different colours to varnish or lacquer if you would prefer so.

You can browse our secure webshop to see the various pre-finished simple but honest Oak real wood flooring, order online or call us on 01233 - 713725 to discuss your requirements.

Request our Basic Range leaflet (includes full details on the EcoPlank) to read everything on your leisure:


Why Wooden Flooring: Rediscovered treasures

Rediscovered treasures

What is a nicer surprise than to remove the carpet from a room in your home and to discover a valuable original parquet floor is hiding beneath it!

Even if your floor is missing some blocks, has damaged blocks – damages from plumbing comes to mind - or you notice areas where the blocks no longer stuck firmly down on the underfloor, it can be restored to its old glory and beauty.
There are now many professional companies around who specialise in restoring these hidden treasures for you, so you can cherish your original wood floor for decades to come.

Imagine trying to restore carpets, lino or tiles. Wooden floors withstand the test of time - many very old manor homes and castles still have their original Oak flooring in situ. Versailles in France is just one example to prove this.

Why Wooden Flooring: wooden flooring and underfloor heating

Wooden flooring and underfloor heating


Talking about trends and of heating sources: wood-engineered floors are highly suitable to be installed on underfloor heating systems. Some ranges, like our Duoplank Oak range, are even guaranteed on underfloor heating.

It doesn't matter which underfloor heating system you select: water pipes, electrical, in between battens or embedded in screed - there is a wood floor installation method and special adhesives or underlayment for every system.

Underfloor heating underneath carpet is not a good idea: bugs, like house mites, love a warm and humid 'climate'. You will provide them with the best breeding environment when you use carpet with this type of heating. Opt for wood-engineered floor covering instead to benefit in more than one way to increase the value of your house.

Treat your wooden stair to stair treads, stay safe

It is a known fact that wooden features in your home can increase the value of your property.

According to a recent study done by WoodCare, adding wooden features to your home will increase its value 5% - 15%, almost immediately.

“You achieve an instant positive effect by stripping down and exposing the natural character of wooden banisters, re-instating those genuine wooden doors and, particularly, installing real wooden floors (especially in the reception areas)”.

Renovating stairs

Oak stairs expose hidden value of your home

Who knows what hidden treasure you discover when you remove the carpet from your stairs. In older houses it might even show real Oak treads, - like the stair above or perhaps you'll have to do with 'battered' pine treads

Restore your pine stair with sisal stair mats to make it safer

You'll have to decide for yourself if the existing wood is worth renovating, removing carpet grippers and all old layers of paint - or at least as much layers as possible to give you a decent new surface you can repaint again. With Oak, Pine and other wood species you have to decide if you want to keep it 'natural' by applying a natural finish to the bare wood (exposing real wood is really worth considering but might take you a lot of elbow grease).

If a stair runner has been in place for many years you have to be aware of difference in colour of the bare wood, the part which has been underneath the runner will definitely show a different colour/tone of colour than the rest.

Slippery stairs

Stay safe, add sisal or synthetic stair mats to your wooden stair

Although natural wooden features has a tremendous appeal (not only to the value of your home, but also 'design' appeal) don't overlook the safety factor. Not only little children slip from stairs, a tumble can even be more nastier for a grown up.

There is however a very elegant solution to safely expose your wooden stair - and you can even choose a natural solution too: 100% Sisal stair mats (treads).

Wood You Like Sisal stair treads

Half moon shaped Sisal stair mats with self adhesive strips at the back, easy to apply to any stair - even a mdf stair!

Our 100% Sisal stair mats come in two versions: Boucle (3 colours) or Decor (4 colours). And who says all your stair mats have to be of one colour? Why not mix and match?

Mellau Teppich Sisal Decor stair mat in 4 colours

See our secure webshop for all available colours and options in the stair mats.
(100% Sisal Boucle and Decor, and we have two versions of synthetic stair mats too: Mellon and Mellcaro for those homes/offices where there is more 'heavy traffic')

Cheaper by the dozen

No matter which version you select, we have a special offer on 12 steps. 12 mats for the price of 10!

See our secure webshop for more information, or give us a call on 01233 - 713725 now.

Why Wooden Flooring: larger homes: spread the investment

Larger homes: spread the investment

85% of wooden floors being sold are made of Oak. Oak will never go out of fashion, which means you don't have to worry it will not be for sale any more. Which brings us to the following: if you have a large home with many different rooms you could decide to spread the 'investment' over a period of time, doing one or two rooms at a time.

Most manufacturers will produce the same floor types for many years, so even if your total project takes more than one year your original selected floor type will still be around for you. And who says you should install the same wood floor everywhere? You could even decide to purchase a different one for the bedrooms - low traffic areas - than you have in your lounge - higher traffic area -, giving you even more options budget-wise.