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"If it's good enough for Kings and Queens, is it good enough for you?"

Design Parquet: engineering one of the most stable solid floors

A bit of history about sizes and methods.


Still one of the most admired types of wood flooring is the "Design Parquet", available in many patterns. From single of double herringbone, two or three strips basket weave to the most elaborate "Versailles" tiles. A feature in many restored castles, old manor houses and nowadays more and more to be found in modern homes.

There are various types of blocks used for Design Parquet. In older, and still some times in modern, days the wood blocks originally used (produced) in the UK were around 20mm thick and came with Tongue & Grooves. These blocks were installed on a thick bed of bitumen where the T&G's kept the pattern together (and when now the old bitumen becomes brittle these same &T&G's makes it rather difficult to only lift up loose blocks without loosening neighbouring blocks).

If you look at main land Europe, a completely different size and method has been used for ages and is still in practice - because of the stability such a floor is able to provide, the simplicity of the method and the "ease" - with professional tools and some experience - of installing any pattern.

"Tapis" floors - carpet thickness, two historical view-points

It was quite common in manor houses to show off your richness. Not by changing the whole decorative style of the "reception rooms" but by changing the oriental rugs (tapis - tapijt) in these rooms when seasons changed....... Read more and see how to create a stable solid floor

Design Parquet built up with mosaic

Fit for a King, fit for you!
In our online brochures you can view a very wide range in Design Parquet patterns, available in a wide range of wood species and Oak grades to select your own "fit for a King" solid floor.

Call us for more information or if you want us to calculate all needed materials for you (we can install the floor for you too of course, but this depends on where you are based).
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Why Wooden Flooring: bedroom budget

Bedroom budget

In rooms/areas we "entertain" most, we - as normal human beings - want to show how well off we are. The highest quality in wooden flooring are selected more often for these "reception" areas than lower quality floors. These areas also get the highest amount of traffic and the wooden floor has to be more sturdy and durable.

In bedrooms however it is more down to what is most practical, both budget wise and health wise, to install. Many manufacturers have 'low' budget ranges - still good quality! - for these areas. A simple 3-strip Oak Rustic comes to mind.
On average we spend 7 - 9 hours a day sleeping in our beds, a rather large uninterrupted part of the day to be in one single room. In this respect, installing wooden flooring in bedroom is a wise and healthy decision.

Why Wooden Flooring: exposing wood exposes hidden value

Exposing wood exposes hidden value


According to a recent study done by WoodCare, adding wooden features to your home will increase its value 5% - 15%, almost immediately.

“You achieve an instant positive effect by stripping down and exposing the natural character of wooden banisters, re-instating those genuine wooden doors and, particularly, installing real wooden floors (especially in the reception areas)”.

Exposing original (hidden underneath carpets) wood floors and restoring them to their old glory is easier than most think. See also reason 21.

Why Wooden Flooring: no such thing as duplicated

No such thing as duplicated

Wood is a product of nature, versatile in colour, structure and grain. Not one board or wood block is ever the same. That means your wooden floor will be truly unique.

Remember that furniture, cabinets, doors etc are fabricated in a factory under ideal conditions and that they contain 1 - 10 different pieces of wood. Your floor is 'fabricated' in your own home and is made up of 10 to a thousand individual pieces.
Remember also that your floor is never to be duplicated, a truly custom wooden floor of your own!

Why Wooden Flooring: improvements

Clean improvement

Installing a wooden floor can be done cleaner - in 99 of the 100 times there are no other building works involved.

Quick improvement

Installing a wooden floor can be done quickly - in 99 of the 100 times there are no other building works involved.

Cheaper improvement

Installing a wooden floor can be done cheaper - in 99 of the 100 times there are no other building works involved.

And still it adds more value than most home improvement projects that do involve building works.

Solid Floors - between a rock and a hard place

In a previous article you can read what we think about 'Cheap Offers' in Solid wood flooring and what to note. We recently received a question where the buyer ended up between a rock and a hard place.

Solid short lengths on chipboard?

Hi, i am looking to fit solid oak flooring in my lounge (18mm x 125mm x 300-1200mm lengths) the lounge is 6m x 4m, the floor is of chipboard, all skirtings will be removed, what is the best way of fitting this type of oak flooring.???

Mr E.

Double trouble!


Hi Mr E.

Thank you for your question. You're between a rock and a hard place I'm afraid.
9 times out of 10 these type of solid floors have too many short lengths in the pack - and only 1 long length. If that hadn't been the case you could have installed this floor using the floating method on foam underlayment and glueing the T&G's correctly.

In this case you should fully bond the floorboards with flexible adhesive - if it wasn't for the case that modern chipboard (water resistant/repellent) don't bond with the adhesive! Secret nailing on chipboard is never a good idea (the chipboard will 'explode' due to the force and angle of the nails).

So, dilemma. These type of products is what we call: getting the 'short end of the stick'

Not sure if this is still possible, or if you want this: but best to return the product to the supplier and opt for a higher quality floor that can be installed floating without causing you problems and giving you a better result.

Hope this helps

Kind Regards
Wood You Like Ltd

A wide selection of quality natural wooden flooring: From Basic Oak to Bespoke can be found in our secure webshop

Why Wooden Flooring: higher rents

Higher rents


It's not only home-owners that profit from the fact that wooden flooring adds value, property managers and landlords can ask for and will receive higher rents for properties that have quality wooden floors installed.

Most of us like the look of luxurious, elegant and of course practical furnishings. We perceive them as having a higher value than other items and so are prepared to pay more for it.

A potential tenant will perceive your property as more luxurious when you have real wooden flooring installed, hence is willing to pay more rent for it, increasing your ROI instantly.

Why Wooden Flooring: FSC and PEFC certification the only way forward

FSC and PEFC certification the only way forward

Reforestation should be on everyone's mind who is dealing/working with wood. Sustained forests are the only way forward, economically and environmentally. More and more governments, producers and organisations realise that a "Forest that pays, stays", and not just tropical forests. Examples: The Netherlands and Belgium combined have 115,000 ha of FSC certified forests and plantations (production forests), The U.K. 1,693,000 ha beginning 2007.
And more and more organisations/customers demand that wood used in projects (building projects, flooring projects) comes from sustained forests.