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Why Wooden Flooring: creating more 'space'

Creating more 'space'

Starter homes and/or apartments can feel small and sometimes even claustrophobic. They also contain 'shared-spaces' like kitchen-dining area or living-dining area.

Installing the right wooden floor can make this combined/shared spaces look just that: more 'optical' space. Because every boards is different, it keeps your eyes occupied which gives the 'mind-eye' the impression the room is larger and wider. Wood is never boring.

Why Wooden Flooring: beats your kids Asthma

Beats your kids Asthma

In 2006 Dispatches on Channel 4 dedicated a two-part program to this increasing problem ("How to beat your kids Asthma") and all specialist consulted strongly advised to rip out carpets and vinyl - a major source of toxic and sometimes persistent substances in the environment, known to trigger attacks - and to replace it with wooden floors immediately. Like ceramic tiles wooden flooring is a hard floor covering, any dust or dirt will stay on top of the flooring and will not penetrated in the layers beneath.

Why Wooden Flooring: adaptable to design changes

Adaptable to design changes


Wood on its own has tremendous character. It will always show its best side, no matter what time of day. It even seems to change colour and displays softer tones in the evening when you switch on your lighting features.

It also reflects the colour of your walls. So if you want a subtle change in design without having to change everything in a room: colour your walls differently and your wooden floor will change gently/subtle with it.

Just note the difference between the Oak Rustic floor in the picture above reflecting the red wall - where the same Oak Rustic floor in this "dining room to be" reflects the green walls in the picture below.


Why Wooden Flooring: FSC and PEFC certification sustains world forests

FSC and PEFC certification sustains world forests

Using tropical wood also helps in the fight against tropical deforestation, as long as the wood comes from well-managed sources. However, if there were no markets for wood, forests would be cleared to grow other cash crops. For these societies, often desperate for income, a forest that pays is a forest that stays.

Wood You Like's tropical Duoplank comes from FSC certified forests and Oak used by most quality manufacturers is sourced from PEFC sources in Europe.
FSC = Forest Stewardship Council (1993)
PEFC: Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (1999)

Why Wooden Flooring: dealing with pets

Dealing with pets


Wooden flooring is an ideal floor covering when you have pets, as one of our clients discovered:

"I still don't know how I coped before with the moulding periods of my cats and dogs when we had carpets! Since we have wooden floors it takes no effort at all, just one simple sweep of a broom."