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Why Wooden Flooring: FSC and PEFC certification supports local communities

FSC and PEFC certification supports local communities

One of the demands from the FSC and PEFC organisation is not just to sustain the forest, but also the local communities in or around these forests. Duoplank manufacturer Inpa does just that:

"We support the Indian community, named Cururu, of thirty families intensely. For instance, we teach them how to use machinery and felling of trees. Based on a sustainable method of course, in order for them to create an income from the forest without destroying it. The wood they sell from it is sub-tropical and can be used for furniture and flooring. The standard FSC-regulations are for this project adjusted on one point: the Indians are still allowed to hunt in the forest."

Inpa Parket joint FSC-The Netherlands in 1998 and has been active in Bolivia for longer.

"It has always been our desire to do something more for the local community. When we were offered a PSOM-subsidy for investments in developing countries we decided to start this project."

Why Wooden Flooring: Clean is Clean

Everyone likes to spend most of their free time on activities they love: spending time with family, sport or hobby activities and socialising. Homework rates very low on the scale of favourite past-times. But home work still needs to be done, and everything that can make this worker lighter will contribute to your happiness.

SweepingfloorReason 28 - clean is clean

Wooden flooring belongs to the 'hard' floor coverings, no dust or dirt will penetrate the surface.

  A soft broom is all it takes for normal day to day care - easier done than dragging your (sometimes smelling of dust) vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard. And: clean is clean - no hidden dust or dirt like you can have with carpets.

Why Wooden Flooring: - easy to DIY = more savings and still increased value

Easy to DIY = more savings and still increased value

High quality products in wooden flooring and accessories enable most who enjoy DIY-projects to install the floor themselves.
It's mostly down to the correct preparations, the correct products and the correct - simple - tools to make light work of this. Installing a wood floor yourself isn't rocket-science. However: it is a known fact that the better quality you buy, the quicker and easier the installation is. We think that's obvious.

So, again no rocket-science: the choice is yours:
Buy lesser quality and struggle - or have a professional install your floor which could still turn it into a reasonable result
Buy better quality and install the floor like a professional yourself, the quality of the product will be your highly valued assistant!

Wood You Like has created a "Comprehensive Installation Guide" filled with many tricks of the trade to give you a helping hand in installing your own natural wooden floor like a pro. See our Wood Guides section of our website:

Why Wooden Flooring: 'lifestyle' features

Adding 'lifestyle' features


Colin and Justin, property experts (and tv-presenters) frequently state:

"Most people envy, and like to buy into, those signals of ‘success’ so effortlessly portrayed by lifestyle ‘visuals’."

Features, such as wooden flooring - which is light and hygienic, provides a sense of space and elegance, wonderfully easy to keep clean and dust free, and exceptionally robust and long lasting – can make a huge difference to the value of your home.

Prime Oak Plait with 'soldiers'

The winner of the DIY-triumphs contest March 2009 is Neil (Plymouth) who entered our contest with an extra-ordinary floor:

Prime Oak in the design pattern Large Plait, surrounded by Prime Oak 'Soldiers' (a perpendicular border).

Solid Prime Oak Design Parquet large plait - work in progress Prime Oak perpendicular border around larg plait design pattern The final result: Design Pattern in Prime Oak
(click on image for enlargement)

Neil submitted the following with his entry:

"Before we found your company we were about to give up on the idea of a real parquet floor. I am however pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out…
I certainly learnt as I went and used your advice and DIYNot postings on a regular basis. Thanks very much for all your help with our order"

Congratulations to our winner, the price (1 free maintenance product) will be on its way to Plymouth shortly.

Grigio range: rediscovered Artist's Pigments on Oak

Making pigment for the masters Until paint was produced commercially during the Industrial Revolution (circa 1800), painters had to make their own paints by grinding pigment into oil. The paint would harden and would have to be made fresh each day. Paint consists of small grains of pigment suspended in oil.

In portraits and in illustrations of religious and mythological subject matter the great Venetian masters of the sixteenth century manipulated the substance and colour of pigments to achieve naturalistic, decorative and expressive ends.

Grigio range, rediscovered Artist's pigments applied to Oak floors Lieverdink Parket is introducing a new range, Grigio (Italian for Grey) using 5 rediscovered Artist's Pigments to create unique authentic appearance of Oak flooring. Treated (on site) after installation with either Osmo natural or white maintenance wax gives you the choice between 10 original and authentic Oak floors (in floorboards or wood blocks 6mm tick - "tapis" or "overlay" floors in various widths).

The Pigment including natural oil finish is applied in the factory, all you or your fitter have to do to bring out this allure of old times into your home is install the Oak floor and apply the Osmo maintenance wax (natural or white).

Grigio range: valed grey natural on Oak (sluier grijs naturel) Grigio range: valed grey white on Oak (sluier grijs wit) Grigio range: Antique Red naturel on Oak (antiek rood naturel) Grigio range: Antique Red White on Oak (antiek rood wit) Grigio range: Slate Grey natural on Oak (Leisteen Grijs naturel) Grigio range: Slate Grey white on Oak (Leisteen Grijs Wit) Grigio range: Old Brown natural on Oak (Oud Bruin naturel) Grigio range: Old Brown white on Oak (Oud bruin wit) Grigio range: Pure Grey natural on Oak (Puur grijs naturel) Grigio range: Pure Grey white on Oak (Puur grijs wit) 

For more details on available sizes, prices and lead time just give us a call on 01233 - 713725.

Why Wooden Flooring: sound proof apartments

Sound proof apartments

Adding the correct underlayment underneath your natural wooden floor will not only improve the sound acoustics in your own home, it will also improve the sound insulation between floors.

So even if your property is a second floor flat or apartment, there is absolutely no reason why you couldn't benefit and profit from adding value to your home with wooden flooring too.