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What you shouldn't do with Underfloor heating and wood: rugs

Wooden floors and underfloor heating are a good combination, especially when the Duoplank Oak range is used. This particular product is guaranteed which is quite different than suitable.

All of course depends on how the underfloor heating system is treated, the maximum temperature of the sub floor (in this case underneath the wooden floor) is allowed to reach is 28 degrees Celsius. Note, this is not the temperature of the water in water systems, the water itself will be warmer and depends on which system you have bought. Please refer to the instructions of the UFH system itself for guidance in this.

Underfloor heating is a so-called radiant heat source, 'radiating' its warmth to the room - versus convection heat from standard central heating radiators.

Your whole floor in fact radiates the warmth and this should therefore not be obstructed by placing rugs on your wooden floor.

This is what can happen when you do:

Wood-engineered floor delaminating due to placing rug on underfloor heating system Wood-Engineered floor delaminating due to placing rug on underfloor heating system

Two years after this floor was installed the owner noticed the rug (underneath a table) was lifting. Removing the rug he did not discover a hidden toy what he first thought was causing the 'bump' but the delaminating of one of the boards.
The extra insulation of the rug allowed a build up of heat which then softened the adhesive between toplayer and backing to aloow the tensions in the Oak to pull it apart.

Underfloor heating and wooden flooring is fine, adding a rug isn't!

Design Parquet patterns hand-assembled with care

We recently toured our Design Parquet manufacturer's factory in the Eastern part of The Netherlands. Lieverdink prides itself as one of the best quality suppliers of standard wood blocks for herringbone and other 'simple' parquet designs like basketweave or Chevron. These designs are block by block installed in your home to create an unique, durable and valuable authentic parquet floor.

Parketfabriek Lieverdink's main feat however is to hand-assemble 'standard' Design Parquet patterns - most of them carry the name of a Dutch castle or manor houses so might be a bit difficult to pronounce for the English public. How about "Cruysvoorde" or "Avegoor" and "Beerenclauw"? However, no matter how hard you find it to pronounce the name, it is a fact that all patterns come hand-assembled out of the factory, in emaculate quality and ready for us (or you) to install in your home.

The hand assembling of one Oak prime tile in the pattern Dordt The carefully hand assembled and taped Design Parquet tile Dordt

Wood You Like Design Parquet Pattern Dordt in Oak Prime

Once in your home the individual tiles will create this unique pattern, a truly "one of its kind" valuable parquet floor.

Besides hand-assembling the many Design Parquet patterns we have seen much more products and manufacturing processes, but that's for another article.