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December 2008

Inpa Parket: from FSC forest to FSC floor - videos

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, a global well-known organisation promoting environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests.

Our Duoplank manufacturer Inpa Parket shows you in their dedicated video (long - 17.33 minutes - or short version - 3.19 minutes, see below) what this means in real-life.

Inpa FSC certification number in Bolivia Inpa FSC Certification number in Paraguay wood You Like retail FSC Certification number

You will see how their FSC-certified forest is maintained, how the forest is harvested in the most environmental and sustainable way, how the local communities profit and how when producing the Duoplank both the tropical top layer as well as the plywood backing are dried to specifications before the two layers are pressed-glued together. Guaranteeing you that no matter how the humidity changes both layers will react in the same way - and not causing extra tension between them.

Short Version:

More on maintenance

Recently we received two very similar questions through our Get Free Advice web form:
Question one (from the chair of a village hall)
I am looking for some advice. We have a village hall floor with parquet floor 17.1m x 8.6m which is in need of some attention. There is a residual lacquer finish on approx 60% of the floor with the high traffic areas with little or no protection.

Read more....

Don't use cork strips to fill your expansion gaps!

Some issues keep recurring: cork strips among them.

A few days ago we received the following email:

"I realise the importance of leaving an expansion gap around a wooden floor (oak parquet in my case) but can you tell me why we are told to insert cork strips around the edge? Surely the cork is only taking up valuable expansion room. Is it ok to  just leave a 10mm gap all around?"

This was our (recurring) answer on this subject:.... Read more

Design Parquet Manufacturer Lieverdink again among the three best suppliers

Lieverdink logo For the fourth successive year has our Design Parquet Manufacturer Lieverdink ended among the three best suppliers voted on by ParquetGroup Netherlands (PNG).

They are what we like to call the bespoke part of our ranges: From Basic Oak to Bespoke.

LIE-26suideraslarge With already 30 different 'standard' design patterns in their assortment in various wood-types Lieverdink constantly rises successfully to the challenge when one of our clients likes something even different - be it in design or size of blocks.

In all the 5 years Wood You Like is already supplying and installing design parquet floors Lieverdink has never let us down - so a well deserved position again. We fully agree with the members of the ParquetGroup Netherlands (group of mind-like retailers not only promoting Real Wood, but also a loud and respected voice towards quality manufacturers).