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November 2008

Wood Guide turns Ebooklet

New Ebooklet (wood-guide): “7 Easy Steps to Repair/Restore your Design Parquet Floor”

Filled with tips and advice from the professionals on preparations, re installing loose blocks or installing replacement blocks, finding out what wood-species was used in your original floors, how to sand and apply a new finish and much, much more. With ‘work-in-progress’ photos.

"Wow, thanks for that -- certainly the best how-to guide I have seen to this. It's always helpful, especially, when something says "Ideally, do ABC, but if you can't, then X Y or Z can happen", instead of just "Do ABC." -- i.e. I know I should remove the bitumen from the floor, but it isn't possible to remove all of it, so it is just good to know what happens if I don't."

Extras included:

  • Wood You Like’s maintenance leaflet and

Buy now for only £ 8.97 and restore your newly rediscovered design parquet floor to its original glory and lustre. A labour of love result that will keep its value for many years to come!

Don’t move – improve the hidden treasures your home already has. Increase the value of your home in the most simple and cost effective way! Read this fact sheet on how and why wooden flooring adds long-term value to your home - 95% of estate agents agree.


Only £ 8.97

Gaps everywhere!

Lately we’ve seen (DIY) forum posts, questions in our own inbox and even results by diy-ers and builders alike, about (and in the results missing): not leaving enough expansion gaps when installing wooden floors

Most know about gaps and leaving them around the perimeter of the floor – using the simple rule of thumb: 3-4mm per meter width of the room with a minimum of 10mm – but then go wrong at certain points in rooms or hallways...... Read more

Wood You Like Design Parquet on-line

'Old-fashion' Design Patterns are the new look. More and more property owners re-discover a treasure underneath layers of carpet or vinyl (and in some cases even underneath Melamine Laminated 'plastic' floorboards!). From 5-finger mosaic, herringbone and basket-weave patterns to Versailles type elaborate designs - all priceless floorcoverings.

Oak Basket weave in modern bungalow

But it is not just in homes built in the 50's or 60's - modern homes are now also being 'dressed-up' (and "up-valued") with new wood blocks in herringbone, mosaic, basket-weave or design tiles in Oak (or dark Tropical wood-species).

In Wood You Like's Full Colour Online Brochure you can browse 30 specific designs, laser-cut by our Dutch Design Parquet manufacturer for precision, to turn your home into a 'castle' or manor house.

Hackfort Design Parquet Design in Oak from one of Wood You Like's clients

Or just to benefit from the easy maintenance, anti-allergic and value adding benefits wooden flooring gives any home.
All patterns can be ordered in many wood-types; the Oak used by our Dutch manufacturer is certified coming from PEFC sources.

More information on how to calculate the square meters needed in patterns and wood-blocks and how to order your own unique value adding modern design floor covering is all explained on our Full Colour Online Brochures