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August 2008

Who else wants a floor-covering that becomes more beautiful over time?

This is the only robust floor covering that becomes more beautiful over time!

Realwoodlogo200 One of the (many) benefits of real wooden flooring is its natural diversity. Every block, strip or board has its own unique character. This gives every floor a truly unique "one off its kind" appearance.
No two natural wooden floors are alike.

Every wooden floor 'matures' over time, Oak will get its characteristic honey colour, tropical species will become darker. All in a natural gradual way, 'growing' into its ultimate beautiful appearance.

A wooden floor only loses this lustre when it is neglected, even those with a gloss varnish finish. If neglected long enough its protecting layer against dirt and drips will also be lost.

And it is so easy to make sure your beautiful wooden floor stays ‘fit’ and healthy.

Easy maintenance is another benefit of wooden flooring, especially now with the modern high quality liquid polishes. The days of waxing on hand and knees are long, long gone!
All it takes really is to apply the most suited polish for your floor once every 5 to 6 months! That's all. If you like you can buff it in deeper with one of Wood You Like's cast-iron buffing blocks - 100% guaranteed to work better and eco-friendlier than any of the electric domestic buffing machines we know of.

What will happen with your wooden floor when you take care of it in this simple way? In fact your wooden floor will reward you time after time, with every maintenance care you give it.

It will keep its dirt repellent character and will become even more beautiful, showing off all its natural allure for you and your family, friends to enjoy and admire.

Select the wood you like and the maintenance products you need. Start enjoying this robust (hardwood), easy to clean, anti-allergic and eco-friendly floor-covering immediately and for many years to come.

Natural wooden flooring: a true asset in any home, never losing its value!

Introduction offer: Triplank Mammoet Oak Smoked & Aged

Our most popular wood-engineered floor - The Basic Oak Rustic with 4mm solid Oak top layer, brushed & oiled - has been joined with its 'Great-Uncle' as we like to call this new addition to the Triplank family:

WWood You Like Triplank Mammoet: Oak smoked and aged Basic (Triplank) Mammoet Oak Smoked & Aged wood-engineered 1-strip floorboards - finished with a natural oil and with micro-bevels on the long sides.

This floor has normal (high quality) T&G construction for easy installation, can be installed floating or glued-down and is suitable for underfloor heating.

Measurements: 15 x 189 x 1860mm, 2.81 sq m per pack.

Our introduction price: £ 49.97 ex VAT per sq m.

Add natural age and beauty to your home in a simple but value adding way, wooden features do add on average 5 - 10% value to your home (or buy-to-let property), is easy to clean, anti-allergic and becomes more beautiful the longer it's down.

Buy it now through our webshop: see article 1WE-OAK-5 (3rd product on the page).

Mind the gaps

This week we received the following question in regards of repairing/restoring a parquet floor (see our 7 easy steps wood-guide for more tips and practical advice).


We have laid reclaimed parquet flooring in our lounge and dining room (which is currently one big room), and now we are starting to look at sanding and finishing it. Thanks - your website was very helpful! The sanding advice is nice and clear.

One thing though - because it is reclaimed, the blocks didn't always fit perfectly together; there are some small gaps. I know that after sanding, the sand-dust can be used to fill in these gaps, but is there a specific filler product to use as well? Bearing in mind that the area is very large (at least 9m x 4m), what would be the easiest way to fill all the gaps?

And another question - is it necessary to sand the floor lightly between each coat of HardWaxOil or varnish?

Thank you!

Our answer was as follows:

Thank you for your question and your compliments.

You can indeed fill all gaps, even in a large area like yours, but it really depends on how thick your blocks - or in other words how deep the gaps are.
We recommend Bona Kemi Mix & Fill. If you have many deep gaps it would be best to mix a small amount of the product and fill the gaps one by one with a spatel.
If you have many small and not too deep gaps (like with 10mm parquet flooring without T&G) you could mix a larger amount of product and 'plaster' this over the whole floor.

Sanding with grit 120 will remove all excess filler from your floor. If you plan to finish the floor with varnish or lacquer another sanding with grit 150 is needed.
HardWaxOil doesn't need sanding in between, if you apply the second coat within 36 hours - sanding between applying varnish layers depends on the brand, so always read the instructions on the tin and follow them!

Hope this helps
Kind Regards
Wood You Like Ltd