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November 2007

Lieverdink PGN Supplier of the Year

This month another of our trusted suppliers won an award: Lieverdink Parketfabriek (design – bespoke parquet).
Yearly the PGN (Parket Groep Nederland, 40 independent wood flooring retailers working together under the slogan “Our Craftsmanship is Your Guarantee”) selects three suppliers in wooden flooring and/or wooden flooring accessories who, according to all the PGN members deliver the best quality in products and service.
Jan Stigter, chairman of PGN, explained the reasoning behind awarding Lieverdink the first price this year:

“Perseverance in quality production, utmost believe and trust in their own products and the ability to pass on this message in a simple way to their clients made Lieverdink the worthy winner this year.”

A slightly surprised Gerben Lieverdink accepted the award during the annual End-of-Year reception of PGN in Baarn.
Lieverdink also won the price in 2001 and 2004.

(parquet flooring based on traditional craftsmanship)

News source Parketplein/PGN 27.11.07

Latin American Trade Award 2007: our Duoplank manufacturer

Latin America Trade Award 2007 for duoplank manufacturer Inpa Inpa Parket bv has been awarded first price of The Latin American Trade Award 2007. This award is an initiative of the Dutch Department of Economical Affairs, ABN-Amro, The Netherlands-Latin America Business Council (NLABC) and KPMG.

A pre-selection placed four Dutch companies together in the race for this award and on Thursday 15 November Inpa was announced the winner. During the award ceremony - at the Head-Office of ABN-Amro - the award was handed over by Drs Chris Buijink, secretary-general of the Dutch Department of Economical Affairs, to Arthur Hoetelmans of Inpa Parket.

The ceremony followed after various presentations and talks on "changes and opportunities in trading with/in Latin America."

"Our ongoing involvement, in a sustainable and responsible way, in South America's forestry combined with assisting the local community with development and employment has contributed greatly to us winning the award."

(Renier Hoetelmans, Inpa)

Inpa Parket owns a FSC-certified forest in Bolivia and is involved in reforestation projects in Paraguay.

(News source: Inpa, Parketplein)