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October 2007

We present more Aged

Chapel Parket UK KnightWood UK has extended its Original Aged & Destressed Oak floorboard range. And of course, the place to see new samples of the various natural smoked and oiled natural or in popular colours (like White, Red, Grey and Gothic) is in our showroom in the lovely village of Charing, Kent.

The boards (Solid 160 - 180mm wide, thick engineered 180 - 260mm wide) are either aged or scraped (without damaging the Tongue and Groove construction, very important!) and are all pre-finished.

Wood You Like Hertog Oiled natural Solid Aged 160 - 180mm natural oiled or oiled white
Wood-Engineered Aged 180mm natural oiled or oiled white

Solid Aged 160 - 180mm smoked natural or white, double smoked natural or white
Wood-Engineered Aged 180mm in same colours

Solid Scraped 160 - 180mm Red, Grey, Gothic or Red-Black oiled
Wood-Engineered 18mm same colours

Wider Wood-Engineered boards available at a surcharge.

Also available in matching colours are flat beading, skirting boards and stair-nosing to finish your whole room in the same style.

Wood You Like Hertog Gothic Wood You Like Hertog Smoked Oiled Natural

'Real Wood' Campaign gains more support

Dutch participation in ‘Real Wood’ Campaign

The following Dutch manufacturers have affiliated themselves with the ‘Real Wood’ Campaign of the European Federation of Parquet Industry:

The participation of the eight Dutch parquet manufacturers is the result of talks between the FEP and Parket Alliance.

The list of participants on already mentions 40 manufacturers who fully support the campaign (and carry the ‘Real Wood’ logo).

(News source: Parketplein/BWD/FEP, 15.10.07)