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December 2006

Gaps in floorboards: not to worry

It's that time of the year again: gaps appearing in floorboards

In this period our web site is being found by a lot by people "Googling" on: floorboard gap; floorboard gap filler; gaps in floorboards, etc.
We "wood like" to explain that in this time of the year and with this weather that gaps appearing in floorboards is pretty usual. We keep track of the air humidity in our house and shop on a daily basis and during the end of autumn and winter it can drop as low as 35 - 40%

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Cables and expansion gaps

10 or even 5 years ago most homes had a television set, a VCR and a hi-fi system. DVD-players have replaced the old video tapes, plasma screens the old 25 inch TV set. Home-cinema's are on the increase, really enjoying the Dolby-surround effect adds various speakers to the audio and visual system.

Wood You Like, cables and wires mess

But where do you hide all these?




We are frequently asked to 'hide' large amounts of cables in the expansion gaps (gap around the perimeter of the floor to allow the wooden floor to expand/shrink over the different seasons: 'wood works'). Not only would this render the necessary gap useless, cramping different cables in this narrow space could also effect the quality of sound and picture negatively.

But we have found a solutions for this. To be honest we can't solve the wiring ourselves, but we would like to introduce you to a company that can solve this for you: CableGuys Ltd, based in Folkestone. They specialise in Home Audio Visual and Corporate Cabling Solutions.
Cables of home theatres, hi-fi systems and cinema's neatly hidden away.

An example of Corporate Gabling Solutions can be seen in the following pictures (with thanks to Cable Guy Mike Hawkes)

Wood You Like 'flooring cables

Wood You Like, solving cables


Winter is here!

Gritting, Wood You Like floor maintenance In our latest newsletter we already mentioned that wooden floors benefit from extra TLC. 'Pampering' your floor by applying a maintenance product every 5 to 6 months will keep the wood protected against dirt and drips and enhance its beauty. Special care is recommended when salt from the gritting on icy and/or snowy roads comes on your floor through wet-shoe prints. Not all entrance mats 'wipe' the bottom of your shoes completely dry.
To prevent the salt effecting the wooden floor there are a few simple things you can do:

  • Leave shoes on the mat (or kick off your shoes on the mat and store them in a shoe cupboard - if you have such a novel item - or area that is tiled. To prevent the tiles coming dirty or smutched, put an old newspaper on the floor first).
  • Leave shoes in the porch and have slippers at the ready - warmed-up slippers is really a nice treat after a walk in the cold.
  • Wipe wet-shoe prints dry the moment you notice them so the salt doesn't get a change to effect the wood.
  • Make sure your wooden floor receives its extra TLC.

Always, always, always

When applying any type of finish, READ the instructions on the tin! And follow them, they're there for a reason.

Didn't mean to shout, but lately on various DIY-forums we encounter the same 'problem' being posted: after sanding and applying two coats of HardWaxOil the floor looks patchy. When we then ask how soon after the first layer the second layer has been applied, most times the answer is: after 4 - 5 days.

Never, ever leave it that late between applying the two coats of HardWaxOil; all brands (be it Osmo, Blanchon or other) specifically write on their instructions: apply the second coat within 36 - 48 hours. Otherwise, the grain-hairs of the wood 'stick-up' and the floor needs a light sanding first.

Read the instructions, and when still in doubt: call for advice - every proper supplier has either a company sticker with contact details on the tin, or the manufacturers help-line is printed on it.