1a Why Wooden Flooring

Introduction Buying Guide for Quality Wooden Flooring

We understand that selecting and installing (by us or by yourself) a natural wooden floor is not something you will do every day - some even call it a 'solid' investment (true too, wooden floors will increase the value of your home) and we like well-informed clients. Hence the sharing of our professional (general) knowledge with you: freely and without any obligations.

In a time when many things in your home have a limited life span, and may need replacing several times over the years to come, a quality wooden floor will last several "life times" and should be considered as a part of the integral structure and character of your home. Warm welcoming and enduring, a real wooden floor not only adds character, it really is a wonderful value added part of any property.

One of the many questions we receive (in the inbox, by phone and in our showroom) is often how to start the "buying" process when you are in the market for a new floor covering. Of course we prefer to say: "right here at Wood You Like", but obviously that's not impartial enough - although we do guarantee any wooden floor product you purchase from us is of the highest quality needed for your circumstances, design wishes and budget.


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Why Wooden Flooring: keeping out the draft

Keeping out the draft

Many older homes (still) have existing old fashion floorboards over the void: causing draft and dust because these boards do not have a 'modern' Tongue and Groove' construction. Gaps between the boards cause draft and dust coming through.

Knowing that exposing wood will add to the value of your home, it would be a shame to cover this old floor covering with carpets to make your home look and feel warmer. If needed new floorboards with T&G and at least 18mm thick can take the place of your existing floorboards.

If that is too much work and hassle you can quite easily install new (thinner) floorboards on top of your existing drafty floorboards to stop the draft and dust devaluing your home.

Plus in all circumstances it will reduce your heating bills!

(Filling the gaps between existing old floorboards is a very temporary - and 'ugly' - solution: due to the natural movement of the wood any filling material will drop into the void underneath the boards within a matter of weeks!
And no matter what you do: DON'T block any ventilation - air-bricks - in walls, your house needs ventilation to remove excess humidity. Blocking air-gaps can cause damp and the rotting of joists.)

Why Wooden Flooring: lifetime value

Lifetime value

Standard carpets last around 5 - 7 years, standard wooden flooring already comes with a manufacturers guarantee of between 10 - 30 years.
High quality carpets will set you back around £50 - £70 per sq m supplied and last around 10 - 15 years. Highest quality wooden flooring costs around £50 - £70 per sq meter supplied and even without the manufacturers promise will definitely last around 30 - 50 years.

Translated in 'costs per year':
high quality carpets between £ 3.33 - £ 7.00 per sq m per year
highest quality wooden flooring between £ 1.00 - £2.33 per sq m per year.

Why Wooden Flooring: keeping up with changing trends in design colours

Keeping up with changing trends in design colours


This year's new black is Honey Colour and next year's new black is light chocolate brown.

If you plan to sell your home and know trendy buyers buy into the colours of that year, how are you going to please them? With a wooden floor - especially the lighter European wood species like Oak, Ash and even Pine - you can quite easily change the appearance of your floor without having to replace the whole floor-covering.

All it needs is a light sanding and the application - by yourself or done professionally - of the right colour finish. This tactic will also make your wooden floor almost brand sparkling new again.

Why Wooden Flooring: the pleasure of open fires

The pleasure of open fires

If you are one of the lucky ones who can enjoy an open fire during the colder seasons, you know that no matter how well you try to prevent sparks or spitting of logs, some will find their way through the fire guard. And sometimes even beyond the hearth tiles.

If they then land on modern synthetic carpet you definitely end up with a scorched or singed spot. No such thing will happen when you have a wooden floor. It takes rather long before a spark or spit scorches or singes a hard floor covering. Our own open fire spits and sparks frequently but our wooden floor in front of it shows no single blackened spot, not even the tiniest.

Why Wooden Flooring: improve health immediately

Improve health immediately

"At last my sneezing and itching has stopped. The simple fact of ripping-out our carpets and replacing them with your wooden flooring has had an almost immediate and lasting positive effect on my year long suffering from dust allergy. I only wish I'd done that much earlier."
Mr T. Chappell, Ashford Kent

Why Wooden Flooring: modern original herringbones

Modern original herringbones

Wooden flooring is increasingly popular, more and more it replaces carpets as floor covering. At the end of the last century 85% of UK homes had carpet as main floor covering, 15% had other coverings like wood, tiles and lino. The latest reports show wooden flooring has increased to 20% of all floor coverings, be it new installed wooden floors or rediscovered original Design Parquet Floors - herringbone still the most popular pattern.

Manufacturers too take advantage of this increasing trend and with improved technology are now also able to supply you with 'original' herringbone boards in pre-finished wood-engineered form. Complete with Tongue & Grooves for easy installation and no need to sand and fill the blocks afterwards - the most labour intensive part of installing an original Design Parquet floor.

Why Wooden Flooring: regular maintenance, only twice a year!

Regular maintenance, only twice a year!

Regular maintenance (only once every 5 to 6 months) will keep your floor healthy and even better protected against dirt and drips.
Plus there is another well known fact: this is the only robust floor covering that becomes more beautiful over time! Every bit of TLC you spend on your natural wooden floor will increase its beauty, its lustre, its durability - it's as simple as that. Compare this with a carpet of only one or two years old and you'll see the advantage wooden flooring gives you immediately.

Why Wooden Flooring: one of the most anti-allergic floor covering there is

Is there anything more precious than being healthy? Brick and mortar are valuable, but when it truly comes to it, no price-tag can be put on making sure you and your family stay healthy.

One of the most anti-allergic floor covering there is


Real wooden flooring is one of the most anti-allergic floor covering there is. Over the last decades there has been an increase in the numbers of people suffering from allergies, eczema and Asthma.

The Healthy Flooring Network recommends to replace carpets with wooden flooring when you or one of your family members suffers from one or more of the above mentioned ailments/illness

"Wall-to-wall carpet suggests luxury, comfort and warmth, but the appeal diminishes when we look a little closer. Carpets harbour dust, which leads to a build up of dust mites and dust mite allergen – an important trigger for asthma and other allergies. One square meter of carpet can contain up to 100.000 dust mites. Babies and young children exposed to such allergens can become sensitised to them and develop asthma and allergies in later life.

Conventional cleaning, even with the newer types of high-powered vacuum cleaners is not sufficient to remove dust mites and doesn’t have the same impact on asthma symptoms as complete removal of carpet.
However, the cheapest alternative smooth flooring are made of PVC, also known as vinyl, which is a major source of toxic and sometimes persistent substances in the environment. Some research also suggest the softeners in PVC itself may contribute to asthma incidence."

Why Wooden Flooring: not slippery but easy to move furniture around

Not slippery but easy to move furniture around

Natural wooden floors are NOT slippery, but come with the extra advantage of having a smooth surface on which furniture can be easily moved around. Adding protective felt-guards to legs of the chairs or tables don't make them slip away underneath you, but eases the effort when moving them.

Many elderly and physical impaired clients have remarked happily on this fact. Since installing wooden floors heavy chairs - or even normal dining chairs - are no longer an obstacle for them. They just 'ease' away when vacuum cleaning the room, when sitting down for breakfast, lunch or diner.

Why Wooden Flooring: robust enough for tenants

Robust enough for tenants


Property managers: some tenants are just not careful enough with property belonging to someone else - a known fact. Another known fact is that dirty surfaces attract more dirt, or in other words: once a carpet looks worn, slightly damaged and dirty nobody is really going to care if it gets even dirtier or more damaged.

However, a floor covering that always looks clean and from which spillages are easily removed tend to bring out the feeling of "ownership". Your tenants will take better care of "their" lovely wooden floor than they will with a carpet. So no more need to replace the carpets every year, saving you a rather lot of money, grievance and aggravation in one simple go.

Why Wooden Flooring: no need for chemicals

No need for chemicals

Spillages, little accidents are wiped off, cleaned off in no time at all without having to turn to chemicals, calling for a carpet-cleaning company or getting so frustrated with a persistent stain that the only option would be to replace the carpet or place an extra rug on top of it. (And knowing Murphy's Law - those accidents always tend to happen just before you're about to entertain the largest crowd ever in your home.)

Even if a spillage goes unnoticed for some time it is still much easier to remove: most times all it takes is a gentle rub with steel wool 000 and some polish or wax.
(Ask us for our stain removal leaflet to find out how easy it is to remove stains like wine, gum and cigarette burns.)

Why Wooden Flooring: staging an uncluttered home

Staging an uncluttered home

Every property program in television will tell you: a 'staged' home attracts offers more quickly and more often than showing your house as you would normally live in. No offense, but clutter distracts your viewer from the true value of your home.

“Staging your home is vital when you are trying to sell it, you need to make sure the space is as clean and fresh as it can be, a fresh coat of paint is a great idea and make sure any unnecessary clutter is packed away and the space is de-personalised as much as possible, you need to allow potential buyers to visualise their belongings in your home, if there is too much clutter they won’t be able to do this.

When it comes to home improvements, there are certain ones that will add value or at the very least make sure you get the asking price for it. So if the improvements you are making are for the eventual re-sale value of your home, then it is important to plan wisely, for example a white bathroom suite is a must and a good quality, well laid wood floor enhances your homes beauty and would be a real selling point when you market the property.

It is a proven fact that 2 houses side by side, if the decorated, clean and tidy one is more expensive, it would still sell quicker!"

Sarah Dolton - Managing Director of Inspiring Interiors

Your wooden floor - a large optical area, cleared from clutter so it can show off it cleanliness and elegance best, will surely contribute plenty to the feeling your home is more valuable and desirable.

Why Wooden Flooring: more and more floors from one tree

More and more floors from one tree

More and more manufacturers are producing wood-engineered floors - with a solid wood top layer between 2 - 6mm thick on a cross-layerd backing of softer wood species - instead of the solid 20mm floorboards or wood blocks. Once installed the wood-engineered floor will look exactly the same as a traditional solid floor but has many more benefits.

When you combine this traditional appearance with the modern construction of thick wood-engineered boards - a 6mm Solid Oak top-layer on 15mm water-resistant-plywood (like our Duoplank range) it opens up a whole new world: tradition with ultimate stability, durability with eco-friendliness.

Did you know that 5.5 cubic meter Oak trunks can produce 95 sq m of Solid Oak floorboards 20mm thick and that the same cubic meters will produce an amazing 450 sq m of Solid Oak top-layer of 6mm thick - almost 5 times as much! - or around 750 sq m of standard wood-engineered floors with a top-layer of 3 - 4mm thick. Almost 8 times as much!

The choice between solid or wood-engineered floorboards is an easy one.

Why Wooden Flooring: suits every design style

Suits every design style


No matter what your design or even house style, there is a wooden floor for all of them. Rustic or extra rustic Oak wide floorboards for Country style, Prime or nature grade Oak for more minimalistic preferences. Oak can be stained to suit any design without loosing its own character and tropical wood-species add warmth of their own to your style, from fierily Tarara Amarilla (see above), blood-red Padouk to pitch black Wenge.

Plenty of choice. And then we haven't even mentioned the large choice in widths, lengths in boards or the countless design patterns.

Why Wooden Flooring: durable in 'wet' areas

Durable in 'wet' areas

Wood-engineered floors are so stable and especially when you select a type that has water-resistant-plywood as backing can safely be installed in bathrooms and cloakrooms.

It won't warp of buckle, drips and even splashes will stay on top of the quality finish layer and not penetrate the material. Laying on top also means you can easily remove the excess moist and know for sure it is gone, no more soggy carpets. You don't have to worry that the floor covering - like those soggy carpets - will stay wet and moist for a long time or even worse: becomes stained with mold.

Why Wooden Flooring: the only robust floor covering that becomes more beautiful over time

The only robust floor covering that becomes more beautiful over time

Truly, with every little bit of TLC you give your wooden floor, it will reward you by becoming more beautiful. The modern maintenance products are very easy to apply, they will feed the wood and at the same time make it keep its dirt and moist repellent character.

The wax or polish prevents it from drying out - just compare it with your own skin - and no matter how old you wooden floor is, it will stay 'young' and full of vitality.

Why Wooden Flooring: a great factory and free leisure resource

A great factory and free leisure resource

Modern forests, skilfully managed, contain trees of different ages, different species alongside the primary production species. Open spaces in the form of rides, firebreaks and stream side reserves are designed into the forest and, as it is thinned, increasing numbers of under-storey species become established.
While producing timber, these man-made forests also produce picnic spots, lakes and nature trails. Thousands of species of birds, animals and plants call them home. Their air is clean and good to breathe.
The public has free access to 94% of forestland in Europe.

Every time you use wood you are helping to make sure the forests will keep growing. So your children and your children's children will be able to enjoy visiting forests for years and years to come.
(The market for forest products helps finance sustainable forest management.)

Why Wooden Flooring: thinking and investing ahead

Thinking and investing ahead

Like every type of investment the perceived value can go up and down, the stock market comes to mind. Experts on the stock market always tell you to think of the long term profits, it's proven time after time that shares do have a very good ROI over a longer period - 30 to 40 years.

The same can be said of the value of your home. The housing market goes up and down, it has always done this and will always keep doing this. So, invest in brick and mortar for a longer period of time - 30 to 40 years. As seen above, the life-span of quality wooden flooring - 30 to 50 years - keeps pace with this.

Clever home owners and property managers think ahead and invest in their property no matter if house prices go up or down.

Why Wooden Flooring: robust enough for pets

Robust enough for pets

The surface of especially pre-oiled wooden floors are, contrary to believe, not slippery. It gives your pet a sturdy surface, easy to walk on and because most floors are made of hardwood the surface won't easily damage from paws or claws .
If you opt for a brushed surface the softest part from the surface are already removed and gives your pet (lively dogs and cats come to mind) an even more sturdy and almost impossible to damage surface.

Why Wooden Flooring: no more hands and knees

No more hands and knees

No floor covering is easier to clean than natural wooden flooring. Long gone are the days of polishing a wood floor on hands and knees or seeing 'skid-marks'. The modern finishing and maintenance materials have taken care of that.

Liquid polishes have taken over from the 'hard-wax' products: just sprinkle the product on the floor, spread out with an applicator, let it dry (which only takes 10 minutes) and your job is done!

Why Wooden Flooring: wood as natural recreation source

Beside economical issues the news is frequently filled with environmental issues. From arguments that forest fires are caused by climate change to shrinking ice-caps due to ongoing pollution and global warming.
We are all urged to to our own bit for the environment of our only planet.

Wood as natural recreation source

Wood is not only beautiful varied in all kind of products; as trees - forests - wood is a beautiful natural recreation source. Most importantly is the fact that forests act as a giant carbon sink.

Why Wooden Flooring: Rediscovered treasures

Rediscovered treasures

What is a nicer surprise than to remove the carpet from a room in your home and to discover a valuable original parquet floor is hiding beneath it!

Even if your floor is missing some blocks, has damaged blocks – damages from plumbing comes to mind - or you notice areas where the blocks no longer stuck firmly down on the underfloor, it can be restored to its old glory and beauty.
There are now many professional companies around who specialise in restoring these hidden treasures for you, so you can cherish your original wood floor for decades to come.

Imagine trying to restore carpets, lino or tiles. Wooden floors withstand the test of time - many very old manor homes and castles still have their original Oak flooring in situ. Versailles in France is just one example to prove this.

Why Wooden Flooring: wooden flooring and underfloor heating

Wooden flooring and underfloor heating


Talking about trends and of heating sources: wood-engineered floors are highly suitable to be installed on underfloor heating systems. Some ranges, like our Duoplank Oak range, are even guaranteed on underfloor heating.

It doesn't matter which underfloor heating system you select: water pipes, electrical, in between battens or embedded in screed - there is a wood floor installation method and special adhesives or underlayment for every system.

Underfloor heating underneath carpet is not a good idea: bugs, like house mites, love a warm and humid 'climate'. You will provide them with the best breeding environment when you use carpet with this type of heating. Opt for wood-engineered floor covering instead to benefit in more than one way to increase the value of your house.

Why Wooden Flooring: larger homes: spread the investment

Larger homes: spread the investment

85% of wooden floors being sold are made of Oak. Oak will never go out of fashion, which means you don't have to worry it will not be for sale any more. Which brings us to the following: if you have a large home with many different rooms you could decide to spread the 'investment' over a period of time, doing one or two rooms at a time.

Most manufacturers will produce the same floor types for many years, so even if your total project takes more than one year your original selected floor type will still be around for you. And who says you should install the same wood floor everywhere? You could even decide to purchase a different one for the bedrooms - low traffic areas - than you have in your lounge - higher traffic area -, giving you even more options budget-wise.

Why Wooden Flooring: FSC certification is a long term commitment for companies

FSC certification is a long term commitment for companies


FSC and creating sustainable forests is on ongoing business. Life is "give and take". This rule applies more than ever in the 30,000 hectare FSC forest owned and managed by Inpa in Bolivia.

"Put everything back into the forest what you have taken out. Call upon the services of the local inhabitants, but give them their due. Show respect for all forms of life in and around the forest."

This is the philosophy which J. Roosenboom, founder of the Dutch company, believed in 20 years ago and implemented his philosophy with reforestation projects in Paraguay.

In 2001 the company bought its own forest in Bolivia, South America. Sustainable management of the forest by the company is also the key to long-term operational management - in and around the forest. A fully self-supporting micro-economy has been created: the forest has its own road infrastructure, its own water and energy suppliers, not only benefiting the company and the forest but also the local residents, who are closely involved in the project.

Managing a forest of 30,000 hectare is no sinecure. The surface area is roughly the same amount as 60,000 football pitches.

Why Wooden Flooring: ease the life of the "grey-generation"

Ease the life of the "grey-generation"


Property managers: the "grey-generation" will live independently longer and longer. When 'down-grading' in property, because their own house is becoming too large to handle easily, an increasing number will be looking for luxurious, comfortable living accommodation.

Making their daily living circumstances easier by installing wooden floors to your property adds to their comfort, allowing them to stay independent for even more years and hence renting your property for a longer time.

Why Wooden Flooring: the best way to grow a forest is to use it

The best way to grow a forest is to use it


Trees are nature's way of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and producing the oxygen we breathe. Planting trees can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and using wood products can help slow the growth of Global Warming.
The more wood we use, the more our forests grow: thanks to sustainable forest management more trees are planted than are harvested - every year European forests grow by an area the size of Cyprus!
The more the forests grow, the more carbon dioxide is sucked out of the atmosphere, the more oxygen is produced and the more wood is available to use; the more wood is used, the more trees are planted, the more the forests grow, the more.........

Why Wooden Flooring: ideal options for tenants

Ideal options for tenants


Property managers: how many potential tenants might suffer from allergies, eczema or Asthma? By offering them your property with the most anti-allergic floor covering around you improve the chance of renting it tenfold.

Why Wooden Flooring: damage 'control'

Damage 'control'

Accidents and incidents happen to the best of us. Spilling food, drinks on the floor - especially during parties - is nothing out of the ordinary.

Stains however are a completely different matter - especially when you notice the stain the morning after a really good party. Can the carpet stained in red wine or worse curry be saved? Even with a chemical cleaning product - applied by a professional - removing it as if the carpet is still brand new is not guaranteed.

Wooden flooring come complete with a dirt and stain repellent character. A slightly damp cloth followed with some maintenance product applied takes away the stain for good. 5 - 10 minutes work.
And even in the event the stain has gone unnoticed for weeks and the floor needs a light sanding (rubbing with Steel wool 000 mostly does the trick) and the application of a maintenance product - it still keeps its unspoiled appearance and elegance.

The very same applies to heavier damage of your floor covering. A rip in the carpet - double sided tape might keep it down for a bit longer.
A scratch in a wooden floor adds character, shows your home is truly lived in. And otherwise a light sanding and re-applying a coat of finish (like oil) will restore the wooden floor without it losing any of its value or elegance.

Imagine putting your house up for sale: can you clean the carpet stains and repair damages well enough so buyers won't notice? Or do you need to 'splatter' little rugs around to hide them? Wooden floors will show off their value and elegance 'naked'.

Why Wooden Flooring: dust and mites cannot hide

Dust and mites cannot hide

A speck of dust may contain fabric fibers, human skin, bacteria, animal danders, pollen, grains, moulds spores, food particles, mites and mites-droppings. Mites cannot be seen without a microscope. They thrive in warm and humid conditions. Because they feed on skin scales, they love bedding, carpets, upholstered furniture, clothing, closets and car seats. They usually survive ordinary vacuuming because they burrow deep and are equipped with sucking pads on their feet.

Dust cannot hide on wooden flooring, mites can not hold on to wooden flooring, and ordinary vacuum cleaning will remove it all.

Why Wooden Flooring: bedroom budget

Bedroom budget

In rooms/areas we "entertain" most, we - as normal human beings - want to show how well off we are. The highest quality in wooden flooring are selected more often for these "reception" areas than lower quality floors. These areas also get the highest amount of traffic and the wooden floor has to be more sturdy and durable.

In bedrooms however it is more down to what is most practical, both budget wise and health wise, to install. Many manufacturers have 'low' budget ranges - still good quality! - for these areas. A simple 3-strip Oak Rustic comes to mind.
On average we spend 7 - 9 hours a day sleeping in our beds, a rather large uninterrupted part of the day to be in one single room. In this respect, installing wooden flooring in bedroom is a wise and healthy decision.

Why Wooden Flooring: exposing wood exposes hidden value

Exposing wood exposes hidden value


According to a recent study done by WoodCare, adding wooden features to your home will increase its value 5% - 15%, almost immediately.

“You achieve an instant positive effect by stripping down and exposing the natural character of wooden banisters, re-instating those genuine wooden doors and, particularly, installing real wooden floors (especially in the reception areas)”.

Exposing original (hidden underneath carpets) wood floors and restoring them to their old glory is easier than most think. See also reason 21.

Why Wooden Flooring: no such thing as duplicated

No such thing as duplicated

Wood is a product of nature, versatile in colour, structure and grain. Not one board or wood block is ever the same. That means your wooden floor will be truly unique.

Remember that furniture, cabinets, doors etc are fabricated in a factory under ideal conditions and that they contain 1 - 10 different pieces of wood. Your floor is 'fabricated' in your own home and is made up of 10 to a thousand individual pieces.
Remember also that your floor is never to be duplicated, a truly custom wooden floor of your own!

Why Wooden Flooring: improvements

Clean improvement

Installing a wooden floor can be done cleaner - in 99 of the 100 times there are no other building works involved.

Quick improvement

Installing a wooden floor can be done quickly - in 99 of the 100 times there are no other building works involved.

Cheaper improvement

Installing a wooden floor can be done cheaper - in 99 of the 100 times there are no other building works involved.

And still it adds more value than most home improvement projects that do involve building works.

Why Wooden Flooring: higher rents

Higher rents


It's not only home-owners that profit from the fact that wooden flooring adds value, property managers and landlords can ask for and will receive higher rents for properties that have quality wooden floors installed.

Most of us like the look of luxurious, elegant and of course practical furnishings. We perceive them as having a higher value than other items and so are prepared to pay more for it.

A potential tenant will perceive your property as more luxurious when you have real wooden flooring installed, hence is willing to pay more rent for it, increasing your ROI instantly.

Why Wooden Flooring: FSC and PEFC certification the only way forward

FSC and PEFC certification the only way forward

Reforestation should be on everyone's mind who is dealing/working with wood. Sustained forests are the only way forward, economically and environmentally. More and more governments, producers and organisations realise that a "Forest that pays, stays", and not just tropical forests. Examples: The Netherlands and Belgium combined have 115,000 ha of FSC certified forests and plantations (production forests), The U.K. 1,693,000 ha beginning 2007.
And more and more organisations/customers demand that wood used in projects (building projects, flooring projects) comes from sustained forests.

Why Wooden Flooring: creating more 'space'

Creating more 'space'

Starter homes and/or apartments can feel small and sometimes even claustrophobic. They also contain 'shared-spaces' like kitchen-dining area or living-dining area.

Installing the right wooden floor can make this combined/shared spaces look just that: more 'optical' space. Because every boards is different, it keeps your eyes occupied which gives the 'mind-eye' the impression the room is larger and wider. Wood is never boring.

Why Wooden Flooring: beats your kids Asthma

Beats your kids Asthma

In 2006 Dispatches on Channel 4 dedicated a two-part program to this increasing problem ("How to beat your kids Asthma") and all specialist consulted strongly advised to rip out carpets and vinyl - a major source of toxic and sometimes persistent substances in the environment, known to trigger attacks - and to replace it with wooden floors immediately. Like ceramic tiles wooden flooring is a hard floor covering, any dust or dirt will stay on top of the flooring and will not penetrated in the layers beneath.

Why Wooden Flooring: adaptable to design changes

Adaptable to design changes


Wood on its own has tremendous character. It will always show its best side, no matter what time of day. It even seems to change colour and displays softer tones in the evening when you switch on your lighting features.

It also reflects the colour of your walls. So if you want a subtle change in design without having to change everything in a room: colour your walls differently and your wooden floor will change gently/subtle with it.

Just note the difference between the Oak Rustic floor in the picture above reflecting the red wall - where the same Oak Rustic floor in this "dining room to be" reflects the green walls in the picture below.


Why Wooden Flooring: FSC and PEFC certification sustains world forests

FSC and PEFC certification sustains world forests

Using tropical wood also helps in the fight against tropical deforestation, as long as the wood comes from well-managed sources. However, if there were no markets for wood, forests would be cleared to grow other cash crops. For these societies, often desperate for income, a forest that pays is a forest that stays.

Wood You Like's tropical Duoplank comes from FSC certified forests and Oak used by most quality manufacturers is sourced from PEFC sources in Europe.
FSC = Forest Stewardship Council (1993)
PEFC: Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (1999)

Why Wooden Flooring: dealing with pets

Dealing with pets


Wooden flooring is an ideal floor covering when you have pets, as one of our clients discovered:

"I still don't know how I coped before with the moulding periods of my cats and dogs when we had carpets! Since we have wooden floors it takes no effort at all, just one simple sweep of a broom."

Why Wooden Flooring: DIY restoring (with some help) is really feasible

DIY restoring (with some help) is really feasible

As mentioned above, hidden treasures can be restored to its old glory and beauty. Sometimes only some rigorous TLC is required, removing sticky rubber backing from old carpet underlayment or cleaning off layers of old wax.
If more work needs to be done and you enjoy DIY projects you could even consider to do the restoration yourself. Take your time and do consider it a labour of love, the rewards are plenty!

Wood You Like has created various guides to help you restore your valuable floor covering so you too can enjoy its lustre and elegance for many decades to come.


Why Wooden Flooring: cooking and washing has no damaging effect

Cooking and washing has no damaging effect

Kitchens are known to be the "engine-room" of a home: cooking, washing all take place there - keeping your family fed with warm food from clean plates and in clean clothes.
Those activities do cause moist.

Nothing a wood-engineered floor can't handle. As mentioned above, the same dirt and moist repellent character of this wood flooring type makes it a highly suitable and durable floor covering in this 'engine room' too.

From an interior design point of view, selecting wooden flooring for your kitchen can complement your kitchen units and kitchen furniture to create a truly homely feel.

Why Wooden Flooring: Profitable spot on improvements

Home and property owners/managers who have edged into negative equity can reverse the downward slide with home improvements, which can raise the sale price and protect against a reduced valuation from the mortgage lender.

But...... Abbey National recently asked 100 Estate Agents “which home improvements” do they consider “add most to the value of a home?” What was surprising is that it's not the large projects like extensions or expensive kitchens that add the most value - in fact, they said, often these tend to lose money - as much as 50% on their cost! On average, a home extension costs £ 33.800 but adds only £ 13.568 to the value of a home: that's a loss of over £20.000!


One of the more quicker and simpler to realise improvements decorating, like replacing carpet with wooden flooring, turns out to add the most value. Based on the calculations above, every £ 1.000 spend on quality decorating adds more than 265% to the value of your home/property (1330 x 2.65 = £ 3,524.50)
(Of course there is a common sense limit in spending: spending £ 10.000 on decorating one or two rooms will not increase the value of your home with £ 26.500).

Installing a quality wooden floor in an average sized room of 4.5 by 4 meters (20 sq m including saw-waste) will costs you around £1,150.00 including VAT for materials = wood floor, underlayment, adhesive and beading included! Based on the results of Abbeys survey it adds around £ 3.000 to the value of your home! (Not bad for 1 or 2 days work as DIY-er)

Why Wooden Flooring: DIY repair

DIY repair

We've indicated it before: wooden floors can be installed, restored and repaired not only by professionals but also by those comfortable with DIY-projects.

Small damages to the surface or finish of your wooden floor can sometimes be repaired even without the need of sanding - a job preferably left to professionals who have the better equipment for this. And when your floor is maintained regularly the need for major maintenance = resanding and applying a new finish won't hardly ever be needed. Most modern maintenance products will take care of that.

Why Wooden Flooring: FSC and PEFC certification supports local communities

FSC and PEFC certification supports local communities

One of the demands from the FSC and PEFC organisation is not just to sustain the forest, but also the local communities in or around these forests. Duoplank manufacturer Inpa does just that:

"We support the Indian community, named Cururu, of thirty families intensely. For instance, we teach them how to use machinery and felling of trees. Based on a sustainable method of course, in order for them to create an income from the forest without destroying it. The wood they sell from it is sub-tropical and can be used for furniture and flooring. The standard FSC-regulations are for this project adjusted on one point: the Indians are still allowed to hunt in the forest."

Inpa Parket joint FSC-The Netherlands in 1998 and has been active in Bolivia for longer.

"It has always been our desire to do something more for the local community. When we were offered a PSOM-subsidy for investments in developing countries we decided to start this project."

Why Wooden Flooring: Clean is Clean

Everyone likes to spend most of their free time on activities they love: spending time with family, sport or hobby activities and socialising. Homework rates very low on the scale of favourite past-times. But home work still needs to be done, and everything that can make this worker lighter will contribute to your happiness.

SweepingfloorReason 28 - clean is clean

Wooden flooring belongs to the 'hard' floor coverings, no dust or dirt will penetrate the surface.

  A soft broom is all it takes for normal day to day care - easier done than dragging your (sometimes smelling of dust) vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard. And: clean is clean - no hidden dust or dirt like you can have with carpets.

Why Wooden Flooring: - easy to DIY = more savings and still increased value

Easy to DIY = more savings and still increased value

High quality products in wooden flooring and accessories enable most who enjoy DIY-projects to install the floor themselves.
It's mostly down to the correct preparations, the correct products and the correct - simple - tools to make light work of this. Installing a wood floor yourself isn't rocket-science. However: it is a known fact that the better quality you buy, the quicker and easier the installation is. We think that's obvious.

So, again no rocket-science: the choice is yours:
Buy lesser quality and struggle - or have a professional install your floor which could still turn it into a reasonable result
Buy better quality and install the floor like a professional yourself, the quality of the product will be your highly valued assistant!

Wood You Like has created a "Comprehensive Installation Guide" filled with many tricks of the trade to give you a helping hand in installing your own natural wooden floor like a pro. See our Wood Guides section of our website: www.wood-you-like.co.uk

Why Wooden Flooring: 'lifestyle' features

Adding 'lifestyle' features


Colin and Justin, property experts (and tv-presenters) frequently state:

"Most people envy, and like to buy into, those signals of ‘success’ so effortlessly portrayed by lifestyle ‘visuals’."

Features, such as wooden flooring - which is light and hygienic, provides a sense of space and elegance, wonderfully easy to keep clean and dust free, and exceptionally robust and long lasting – can make a huge difference to the value of your home.